Tuesday, 10/31/06

Crowley, BMB, Carey and more...

Issue 6 of Sub Rosa magazine was just released, you can download the PDF off of the website for free.

Issue 6 is full of fascinating content:

* Alternative Egyptologist Robert Bauval discusses his new book 'The Egypt Code'

* Blair Blake writes about his passion for collecting rare Crowley books, and how his friend Danny Carey of TOOL caught the bug as well

* Two experts on the 'Miracle of Fatima' discuss the little known fact that the event seems to have been predicted by psychics

* Mitch Horowitz profiles the mysterious Manly P. Hall

* Robert Schoch and Colette Dowell debunk the so-called 'Bosnian Pyramid'

Saturday, 10/28/06

New Announcements Soon

Just received word that there is new update on the Big Day Out, side shows page:

"And a note to the TOOL faithful in all other corners of Australasia - never fear! Additional TOOL appearances in Auckland, Queensland, Adelaide and Perth are scheduled and will be announced shortly."

Thanks Spando
Friday, 10/27/06

10,000 Days Follow Up?

Tool is featured in the November issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, talks of touring and a follow up to 10,000 days...

"After a break the band will tour Europe and Australia, returning to the U.S. for another outing in early next year - ramping up for 10,000 Days' followup. "There might be jams that end up becoming songs" says bassist Justin Chancellor.

Thanks to Ben_O for the information.

Net of Being Posters / SDL

Toolband is selling the 'Net of Being Posters' for $20...

Sleeping Dogs Lie is also now available on DVD...

Thanks Ben_O

Still from Sleeping Dogs Lie
Monday, 10/16/06

Tool in Japan

Thanks to a post by Yaz over at Tool Army we now have some dates in Japan to share wth you.

TOOL in Japan

Dates for the TOOL shows in Japan announced at the Loud Park Festival:

TOOL Japan Tour 2007

2/8 Zepp Osaka
2/9 Zepp Tokyo
2/12 Yokohama Blitz
2/14 Nagoya Diamond Hall

All venues are clubs with less than 2000 caps. The Diamond Hall in Nagoya holds 1000
Friday, 10/13/06

New MJK Interview online

Over at the Tool Army, faaip_de_oiad posted a link to this interview with Maynard, have a look. I totally stole this update from isdfx, who can't update the site because I forgot to send money to Network Solutions this week.
Thursday, 10/12/06

Puscifer Updates

Toolband and the official Puscifer Myspace site have been updated with more information on the launch of Puscifer.com this Friday the 13th. It is now up and running ! The site will also feature a store with unique products (shirts, belt buckles, limited edition items & art, etc.)

Maynard talks of tracks being work on with Lustmord, Timmy C, Brad Wilk, Johnny Polonsky, Tim Alexander and Evil Joe B to produce and engineer.
Monday, 10/09/06

Cheap official Tool shirts

So I've been hearing some complaining about the cost of shirts at Tool shows during this past tour. If you're looking for an official Tool shirt but not looking to spend $45, we've got a bunch that are as cheap as $11.99 US. (That's like getting 3.75 shirts for the price of one) Most of the shirts are $12.49, which is still a bargain for Tool stuff. So yeah, check it out.
Wednesday, 10/04/06

Australia, New Zealand dates

As reported on Fourth Eye, the official site has updated, confirming that Tool will be playing the Big Day Out festival. They have also confirmed two other Australian dates outside of the festival, as well.

19/01/07- Auckland, New Zealand/Big Day Out
21/01/07- Gold Coast, Australia/Big Day Out
24/01/07- Sydney/Entertainment Centre [headlining show]
25/01/07- Sydney/Big Day Out
28/01/07- Melbourne/Big Day Out
31/01/07- Melbourne/Myer Bowl [headlining show]
02/02/07- Adelaide/Big Day Out
04/02/07- Perth/Big Day Out

Thanks to Fredy_Brown at ETS for keeping us informed as well.
Tuesday, 10/03/06

Tool at the Big Day Out!

Marky wrote in to us because he noticed that the images folder on bigdayout.com was left open, and the following images were sitting pretty in that directory:

[IMG] ej.jpg 02-Oct-2006 11:05 21K
[IMG] evermore.jpg 02-Oct-2006 10:59 22K
[IMG] jet.jpg 02-Oct-2006 10:12 12K
[IMG] killers.jpg 02-Oct-2006 12:28 9.8K
[IMG] mcr.jpg 03-Oct-2006 14:48 15K
[IMG] mint.jpg 03-Oct-2006 15:15 26K
[IMG] minuit.jpg 03-Oct-2006 15:09 11K
[IMG] muse.jpg 03-Oct-2006 14:28 11K
[IMG] opensouls.jpg 03-Oct-2006 15:21 22K
[IMG] peaches.jpg 02-Oct-2006 10:23 9.7K
[IMG] scribe.jpg 02-Oct-2006 10:42 9.3K
[IMG] sj.jpg 02-Oct-2006 10:04 13K
[IMG] spaz.jpg 03-Oct-2006 14:24 15K
[IMG] sr.jpg 02-Oct-2006 10:16 11K
[IMG] ss.jpg 03-Oct-2006 15:14 24K
[IMG] theherd.jpg 02-Oct-2006 09:41 17K
[IMG] tool.jpg 02-Oct-2006 09:52 18K
[IMG] tutts.jpg 03-Oct-2006 15:17 13K
[IMG] veils.jpg 03-Oct-2006 14:54 26K
[IMG] vf.jpg 03-Oct-2006 09:48 14K

Let the speculation begin!

Looks like it's official, Tool's playing BDO.

In search of good Tool RSS feeds

I just wrote a bit of code for the Hotline sites that makes the implementation of feeds a lot easier. Are there any Tool related news feeds you would like to see made available on the front page? Let me know.
Sunday, 10/01/06

Ænima Turns Ten

The Daily Grail has just been updated with news that today marks the Tenth year for the release of Ænima.

"It's ten years since the release of perhaps the greatest rock album of all time, Ænima by TOOL. Put it on, play it very loud, and marvel to the musical genius that could only have come about through pacts made with Lucifer himself down at the crossroads at midnight. If you don't have it, rush out and buy it now. Alternatively, you could learn to swim."