Tuesday, 11/28/06

A.V. Club interviews Maynard

There is a new interview with Maynard up on A.V. Club. You can read the article here.

Thanks to Minor at ETS for the info.
Tuesday, 11/21/06

Interviews worth checking out..

Maynard talks wine and Puscifer in a Metal Hammer interview...

DIS talks to Danny -- "lernt all kinds of stuff about secret hobbies, even more about secret frustrations, and why the band nearly killed each other during the making of their latest long-play disc."

Thanks ice5nake and nickynomad
Monday, 11/20/06

That's Right!

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Wednesday, 11/15/06


Thank you Nathan and Bryce (who share a last name) for telling us that some guy named Maynard was interviewed by IGN. Go here to read it.

Monday, 11/06/06

Charity Items on Puscifer Site.

Maynard, relatives, and friends will be donating items to be auctioned on EBAY. The net proceeds of which will go to a charity of their choice.

Click here for more information

"The first item up will be a framed photo that Photographer, Tim Cadiente took of me ages ago. Then perhaps some autographed prints by Ramiro Rodriguez, some wardrobe items from the JUDITH video, my dad's platinum records that he has no place to hang, etc..." -MJK