Tuesday, 12/19/06

Tool make Rolling Stone Top 50

Tool have made Rolling Stone magazine's "Top 50 Albums Of The Year" list at #38.

Thanks to Andy and Nascentia for the news.

number 5 in scotland

Scotland's magazine 'The Skinny' places TOOLs 10,000 days at 5th for the years best album.

"10,000 Days continues down the epic path beset by 2001ís Lateralus in terms of laying on the crescendo hunting treacle-thick hooks as often as the mellower ambient trips, and it all gels into a dose of that fleeting, untouchable aspect of what heavy music apparently lacks in 2006."
thanks to sean for the submission.
Sunday, 12/17/06

TOOL 'in the rear'

The Feb. '07 Revolver places Tool's 10,000 days at number 10 on their 20 best albums of '06(In the rear, reviews).

"Brainy and cathartic, this may be tool's finest hour."
Wednesday, 12/13/06

Pictures from Sunday's show

Fredy wrote in to let us know about this site which has quite a few pictures up of Tool's December 10th show in Paris.

Thanks to Fredy for giving us the heads up on this.

Volto Shows

Volto have a couple shows coming up, they will be playing The Baked Potato December 29th and The Knitting Factory January 13

Check out some pictures of the band here:

Volto 1
Volto 2
Volto 3
Volto 4

Thanks Ben_O for the information
Thursday, 12/07/06

Tool nets two Grammy nominations.

metronome was the first to write in to let us know that Tool are up for a pair of Grammy nominations, specifically Vicarious
for the Best Hard Rock Performance and 10,000 Days for the Best Recording Package. Grammy.com has a little bit more information, if you're looking to follow-up.
Friday, 12/01/06

Tool tops Billboard

Just a small tidbit, for those interested. "The Pot" has officially topped Billboard's Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. You can see for yourself here.

Thanks to Casi for that info.