Sunday, 4/30/06

Australian stock shortages over?

According to the JB Hi-fi website, stock shortages of 10,000 Days in Australia have ended. If you couldn't find a copy, now is the time to get one. Thanks to Aaron for pointing this out.
Friday, 4/28/06

Ok, here's the deal with the Revolver scans.

After laursifer sent us scans of the new Revolver, I posted a them on here. What I didn't know is that Leviathant had replied to the submission stating that we weren't going to post them yet. He has gotten contacted before by editors who requested that he take stuff off the Hotline until people have a chance to buy the magazine.

10,000 Shortages. *Updated*

Last night Arrian told me that the store he got his copy of the album from ordered a very limited number. I guess it's hard to get your hands on some music down there in Chile. We've also receieved word from bugsstar that the album has sold out in Belgium. Good news is they were giving out a poster and hat with the album.

Earlier in the week I read about a limited supply being shipped initially to Australia as well. Hopefully additional shipments are't far behind and everyone is able to buy the album close to the release date.

Update: Ok, so it turns out it was only two stores in Belgium that sold out of the album. They are getting more tomorrow. Still impressive unless they only ordered like 15 copies ala the place in Chile I was told about.
Thursday, 4/27/06

Toolband update.

Yeah, you can just go here to see it, but Blair has made a couple updates to the site. First is about those UK dates that were removed from the list way back whenever. They are back now as confirmed shows.


The other updates are something about Alex Grey's Church for his artwork and the rehearsal Tool did for friends last night. Go see for yourself if you want, misspellings complimentary of Blair.

Releasing the tension....*updated*

We've been informed by bart that the album is on sale in Holland today. Arrian also tells us that the album is available in Chile. Because of this I thought I'd just make a reminder that in countries that are not the United States, the album is soon to be available. If not already. These include Germany tomorrow, Australia on Saturday, and England on Monday.

Some countries have a later date, unfortunately. These include:

Finland: May 3
Japan: May 10.

Also, don't forget about the Article Archive we have here at the Hotline. There are currently 9 articles in there.

fyi: you can now reach this site via the address - If you plan on adding a link to this site on your own site, blog, myspace, whatever, please use that URL, as this site will eventually split completely from its current URL.

Thanks for all the support, and special thanks to everyone who is helping to make this site happen so well, so quickly.

Tool cover story in Revolver

Tool on the cover of RevolverTool will be gracing the cover of Revolver magazine in next month's issue. Thanks to Ninedead for letting us know.

*update* Ninedead adds "Here is a scan of the cover. The article is 5 pages long with a pic of each band member on each page, along with a two-page shoot of the band. There is also a poster [of the band] included with this mag." Click on the thumbnail to view the front cover.

Wednesday, 4/26/06

Yet more pics of the packaging.....

It seems now that many people actually possess the album and pics are popping up left and right. Here and there. Whatever you like to call it. Anyway, isdfx writes us to tell us that blksun has posted ten pics of the packaging. Since I don't know how to upload to this server, I'm just going to use the links provided.

Click any of these links if you'd like to see them.

Triple J interview Tool

Australian radio station Triple J's interview with Tool is airing at 3pm Australian Eastern Standard Time tomorrow. You can listen live here. Just for some handy reference, that's 5am GMT.
Monday, 4/24/06

Another pic of the packaging. *UPDATE*

10,000 Days Album packagingI don't know where he got it, but gl0tch over at ToolNavy posted a new pic of the album and packaging. This time it has a CD. It goes along with the pics that have been previously posted and as those were legit, this one is too. Also, while there is another CD on the right side of the pic, it is not related to the new Tool album.

Looks good to me, even if I think the stereo-optic aspect is a little overdone.

Edit (4/25/06): I have obtained info from someone (wishes to remain anon) that the pics we have been posting ARE in fact real. In addition to this, there is a thread on ETS that has many more pics of the album packaging. Be warned that a lot is revealed. Thanks to swindley for the notice about the thread.

Only 7 more days people....

Tool Sticker Scans

Laursifer sent us two fantastic scans of the Tool stickers that Hot Topic has reportedly been handing out.

Scan 1

Scan 2

T-Shirts @ Hot Topic on sale.

The new Tool shirts seem to be on sale at Hot Topic now. Tony informed us that they are about $20 a piece. He was also kind enough to tell us how they don't cut the shirts right and his was too big.

I also saw on FourthEye, through that neat RSS feed, that Hot Topic is giving away free stickers.
Saturday, 4/22/06

BTW, US tickets went on sale this morning.

As most of you know, tickets for a number of venues went on sale this morning. Some of you were lucky (like my brother) and managed to snag a pair of tickets to one of the 2,000-3,000 capacity shows, during the minute or so that they were available. Some of you will seek them out on eBay, where they're already fetching upwards of $250 a pop. I'm probably with the majority though, waiting for a larger US tour, despite the awesome east-coast routing for this mini-tour.

More pics of the packaging?

Two pics have surfaced that also seem to be the new album's packaging, including two pages of the booklet.

First image. Second image.

For now I'm just linking to to FourthEye and someone's ImageShack right now so thanks hellboy and you other person. The images were posted by Clocksrun and we were informed by Jake that they were up. Thanks guys.
Friday, 4/21/06

Classic Tool records to be rereleased?

According to the U.K.'s, Aenima, Undertow, Lateralus, Opiate, and even Salival are due to be rereleased on May 15.

They're available for preorder for reasonable prices, so go get 'em if you wish. Let us know if these pop up on any other websites.

Thanks to Julian for sending this in.

Satellite Radio Wars: XM Strikes Back

Chris wrote in to say that he spotted this, which appears to be XM Satellite Radio's answer to Sirius' Tool ticket contest. It's for the NYC show only, but apparently they'll fly you out if you win. The contest involves Tool trivia, so if you're a die-hard fan, I'd wager that you have a better chance of winning.

Thanks again to Chris for telling us. Good luck!

omg exclusiv!1!! Photo of the new album

10,000 Days packaging photographChris from Perfect Isolation posted a photo of the album online. If you're avoiding spoilers, don't click on the thumbnail here. The picture corroborates previous scans of the artwork, and the rumor that the album would be a fancy digipak. Hopefully it's not fake and I don't get burned trying to get the scoop.

Don't forget, you can get this stuff syndicated to your livejournal, blog, Google/MSN/Yahoo personalized pages, by subscribing to The Tool Hotline RSS feed. And if you know anyone else who's into Tool and might not know about this page, spread the word. I'm also always looking for feedback, so let me know how you feel about how we've been doing so far.
Thursday, 4/20/06

Australia faces shortage of new album

Meta-news, delicious! Fourth Eye is reporting that someone screwed up the intial shipment of 10,000 Days, and where 50,000 copies were supposed to be shipped, only 20,000 are en route. In other words, if you're hoping to pick the album up on the day of its release, you may want to consider pre-ordering from wherever you plan on buying it.
Wednesday, 4/19/06

Promo blips for 10,000 Days surface

isdfx sent in links to what appear to be proofs for upcoming online ads for 10,000 Days. Click here for the 720x90 animated banner ad, and click here for the far more interesting 300x250 video blip.

**update: brokenmandible wrote it to mention that the clips were originally posted on Tool Army**
**update 2: isdfx retorts that his email was sent before it was posted on Tool Army by Blair. We were a little late in posting it, and I don't have a TA account myself, so... my bad. Guess we scooped TA.**

Sirius Radio US Tool show giveaway

The dude who works next to me has Sirius's Octane channel on, and on top of playing the crap out of Vicarious, they've just announced a contest to win a pair of tickets to a Tool show near you. In the US, anyway. These tickets are on average $65 a pop, and the venues are about 2,500 capacity, so they're certainly hard enough to come by. Here's a chance to get em free.
Tuesday, 4/18/06

18x22 promo flat photos

Tool 10,000 Days Promo PosterOver on Echoing the Sound, October_Midnight generously gave away five new glossy cardstock promo flats. (They went very quickly.) He also posted a picture, which I have photoshopped a little bit to correct for perspective and color. I did a better job this time around than I did with the promo CD, but I had a better photo to work with. There's nothing terribly new about the artwork here, but news at my other page is dreadfully slow, so I'm just going to keep chucking stuff up on here in the mean time.

Click on the thumbnail blah blah blah. P.S. buy the new album.

The inevitable album leak

10,000 Days has been leaked to the internet. According to AndrewB, the news is overwhelming ToolNavy, there's probably a little less clutter over at ETS at the moment. Don't forget to buy the album if you end up listening to your downloaded copy enough. update

Vicarious is no longer playing at Toolband. It is the same intro, but now just some noise or something.

I didn't let it play long enough to see if it turned into anything interesting, but I'm sure some of you will. Several people wrote in to mention that if you click on the white blob, the 30 second intro will play.

Thanks for the heads up, Jake.

Just A Reminder...

Vicarious hit radio stations yesterday, so if you haven't heard it already, be sure to tune in. Thanks to Wretchedest over at Echoing The Sound for reminding us to remind you.
Tuesday, 4/18/06

10,000 days tshirt back

Tool 10,000 Days ShirtLast week we got a glimpse of the front of a shirt for the new album, 10,000 Days.

Today, we bring you a glimpse at the back of one of several shirts coming out on coordination with the new album. As usual, click on the thumbnail to view a larger image.

I'll be checking with to find out if they're getting any of the new shirts, because Goodrock's inexpensive and cool like that, but lately the trend has been to license to Hot Topic before sending the larger catalogue of merch out to other traditional vendors.

Vicarios promo CD cellphone photos

Vicarious promo CD inside photoVicarious CD outside photoSome awesomely bad photos taken from a mobile phone have hit the net. I first saw them here, and decided to quickly adjust the contrast and perspective distortion a little, to tide you over until someone does a proper scan. Click on the thumbnails for larger photos.

*update* Thanks to MrVinnie77 on ToolNavy for the original photos!

ETS Tool tour journal/planner opens

The announcement of US tour dates had me getting off my butt and creating a forum where you can read and post information about the venues, area hotels and restaurants, other fun stuff like that. Click here to visit the Tour section of or forum, which currently lists the US dates, but will soon have threads up for the Euro dates.

The answer to life, the universe, and everything.

Happy Birthday Maynard.

From all of us here at The Tool Hotline.

Maynard James Keenan is 42 today.

Enjoy that wine cause I'm sure you'll have plenty of it.:)

US Tool Tour Dates *update: no presale*

I'm not sure where ISDFX got these yet, but they look good enough to print. A number of these are being corroborated by Ticketmaster.


***Update: It has been announced that Tool Army members will not have access to pre-sales for this mini-tour, so it's every man for himself as usual.***
Sunday, 4/16/06

Vicarious sample @ new intro screen.

That's right, good 'ol Toolband has a new intro now that includes a 30-second clip of Vicarious. You can play it, mute it, go to Toolband, or go to Toolarmy. This intro is also at Toolarmy.
Friday, 4/14/06

Vicarious has been leaked.

Don't look now, but rumor has it the song's been leaked. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

5/12/06 - Tool, live in Minneapolis, MN

Matt Hannigan sent word that Ticketmaster have listed a US date. In case this info goes down, I'm duplicating it here:
Fri, 05/12/06 - 08:00 PM
Tool - Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis, MN
On sale: Sat, 04/22/06 12:00 PM

Tickets for the show at this ~2500 capacity venue are US $63.16 a pop. Not including ticketbastard fees, parking fees, taxes, and your firstborn.

Sneak peek at new Tool merch

Tool Shirt for 10,000 DaysWe received an anonymous submission, complete with a fake email address, with a partial photo of a new t-shirt attached, and a request that we not post it. Well, anonymous, we've altered the file information and the photo itself, so it's really not traceable at this stage, and while I would ask your reasons for having us not post it, you provided a fake email address, so I can't even follow-up. We're all feeling antsy about having this without sharing, so I've made the executive decision to post it. I hope you'll forgive me. Click on the thumbnail for a full-size image.
Wednesday, 4/12/06

Coachella Webcast

Yeah, you read that right, but keep in mind there is no schedule as of yet. This means that they are not necessarily going to broadcast Tool's performance. They very well could though so here is what you do:

Go here and you can sign up for updates, including the schedule. This is brought to you by AT&T Blueroom.

Thanks to sighfinine at ToolNavy for the update.

Toolband Update x2

Blair has updated Toolband confirming that Tool will be performing at Summersonic as previously reported

Blair also announced that the show in Berlin has been moved from Columbiahalle to Arena Treptow.

I think this is the site for it. If not, sorry, but I don't speak German. Although, when I looked around that page I couldn't find Tool anywhere. The original show in Berlin was scheduled for June and what appeared to be their schedule only went to the middle of this month. Good luck I guess.

Thanks Blair, but more importantly, whose birthday is today that you get to celebrate with Kamikazes?
Tuesday, 4/11/06

Artwork from booklet leaked to the net

Tool 10,000 Days ArtworkTool 10,000 Days Artwork These images were found on Tool Navy, and are reportedly from the artwork for 10,000 Days. The images are stereo-optic, similar to images found on Adam Jones' Myspace page.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size images, modified for better representation of color and cropping off the background of the scanner.

Thanks again to there_is_only_me on ETS, who normally scoops me on this stuff, but I can't get his login to work on here.
Sunday, 4/09/06

Sony BMG reveals track times

According to the German Sony BMG website, we have track times for the new Tool album, which we have lifted and posted below:

01 Vicarious 07:06
02 Jambi 07:28
03 Wings For Marie (Pt 1) 06:11
04 10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2) 11:14
05 The Pot 06:22
06 Lipan Conjuring 01:11
07 Lost Keys (Blame Hofman) 03:44
08 Rosetta Stoned 11:14
09 Intension 07:21
10 Right In Two 08:56
11 Viginti Tres 05:01

Thanks to there_is_only_me, I am working on your login troubles and will get you back online ASAP, heh.
Friday, 4/07/06

Promo artwork finding its way to the web

tool 10,000 days ad tool 10,000 days poster What appear to be a poster and a full-page magazine advertisement have been making their way to Tool message boards. (I specifically found them here, though they probably originated at ToolNavy) Please note, the May 1st date on the magazine ad probably refers to the European release date.
Wednesday, 4/05/06

Tool to play in France.

MOON over at ToolNavy has been kind enough to share that Tool are scheduled to play at the Summum in Grenoble on Tuesday, May 30th. There doesn't seem to be anything about openers.

A flyer and two pages selling tickets can be found at the links you just passed over.

Thanks again MOON for sharing this info.
Monday, 4/03/06

Tool to play major US markets in May

From Launch Radio Networks comes news of shows following the Coachella performance.

Sources have told Launch that TOOL is booking two concert dates in New York City for late May, with the dates and exact venue yet to be announced. The group is also rumored to be hitting several other cities that same month, including Seattle and Oakland. These shows will follow TOOL's April 30 headlining performance at the Coachella festival in Indio, California, which will be the band's first live appearance in the U.S. since 2002.

Thanks to ninedead for letting us know.

On an unrelated site note, our contact forms are working again - our host had changed some server settings without mentioning it to me.

Adam Jones in Guitar World

The latest issue of Guitar World has a very nice interview with Adam Jones. This issue goes on sale April 11th.

It is a great read and will surely increase your anticipation level. I'm not going to divulge any details since the issue isn't out yet, but I will say that I'm expecting the five year wait to be fully worth it.

Thanks to dvn on ToolNavy for doing what he did.