Friday, 5/26/06

Tool in South Korea.

TOOL will play a show at the OLYMPIC MAIN STADIUM in SEOUL, KOREA on AUGUST 15th, 2006.

This was posted on Toolband today.

Tool in Rumore magazine

Tool are featured on the cover of another magazine. This time it's the the May issue of the Italian magazine Rumore.

Thanks to Alessandro for letting us know.
Thursday, 5/25/06

Nihil to Support Tool in Paris

Fourtheye reports that French band Nihil will be Tool's supporting act for their concert on June 28 in Paris, France.

For all of you in Chile

Tool graces the cover of the latest Rockaxis magazine. Thanks go to Arrian for the news.
Wednesday, 5/24/06

Tool interview in Metal Edge

This is quite the month for Tool cover stories. There is an interview in the July issue of Metal Edge magazine and the band is gracing the cover. The issue is available now.

Thank you to Janice for letting us know.
Tuesday, 5/23/06

Justin interview in Bass Guitar magazine

Justin is on the cover of the July issue of Guitar World's Bass Guitar magazine. Besides an interview with Justin, the magazine also features lessons on how to play four Tool songs. The issue is on sale now.

Thanks to Cameron and Bastardometer for giving us the head's up.
Monday, 5/22/06

Tool to perform at Street Scene festival

Tool will be among the artists performing at this year's Street Scene festival in San Diego, CA. The two day festival will take place August 4th and 5th. Tickets went onsale today.

Thanks to October Midnight over at ETS for letting us know.
Friday, 5/19/06

Tool television commercials online

As reported on Fourth Eye, now posted over at Alex Grey's website are two thirty second television ads for 10,000 Days that Alex helped create.

There's also a small tidbit there about the upcoming Vicarious video. Apparently, the video features contributions from the same group of animators that worked on X-Men 3.

Danny Carey interview in Modern Drummer

Danny Carey is gracing the cover of the July issue of Modern Drummer magazine. The issue is on sale now.

Thanks to Ben for letting us know.
Thursday, 5/18/06

Salival no longer available

it seems as though HMV has taken down Salival and made it unavailable. Sorry to get your hopes up, but it is still listed as a dec 31 release at Play. December 31st release dates usually signify an upcoming release with no known release date, so this really doesn't mean anything.
thanks to Eonphi for the first heads up.
Tuesday, 5/16/06

Alex Grey talks Tool this Saturday

In case you missed it, Fourth Eye reported earlier this week that there will be an Entheocentric Salon at Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York City this Saturday, May 20th. No one seems to be sure exactly what an Entheocentric Salon is, but we do know that Alex will be holding a discussion about his work with Tool at 1 AM. Tickets are $20.
Monday, 5/15/06

Reissues out today

As we reported previously, the U.K. reissues of Tool's past albums are officially out as of today.

The websites offering said reissues are Play, HMV and Amazon.

As we reported earlier [and is still the case], the story on Salival changes from website to website. As of now, only HMV is offering the reissue, while Play is offering it as of December 31st. Amazon is not listing it at this time.

It's also worth noting that HMV is apparently NOT offering Salival in stores, only through their website.

Thanks to Eonphi for reminding us about all this.
Saturday, 5/13/06

In case you missed it...

As reported on Fourth Eye, there is a new interview up over at Asap News with Alex Grey and Adam Jones, where they discuss the artwork for 10,000 Days. The article also contains some audio and video clips as well.

Concert reviews online *Updated*

It seems that quite a few reviews are popping up online about the recent U.S. Tool shows. So far there are online reviews of the Oakland, Kansas City, and Denver shows. Also, there's a small review buried in this Rolling Stone article about the performance at Coachella.

Of course, you can also check out the aforementioned reviews in our News Archive section, and you can read some fan reviews [and write your own] at our Tour Journal.

Thanks to Incendiarylover at Echoing The Sound for finding that Rolling Stone review.


Another review has just popped up from the show in Minneapolis. You can read it here. Thanks to Armorer at ETS for letting us know.
Friday, 5/12/06

Interview with Justin at

As reported on Fourth Eye, there is an interesting interview with Justin over at Some of the tidbits noted include a U.S. tour in August and September, and Tool possibly being included in the Guitar Hero 2 video game. Interesting times, indeed.

Thursday, 5/11/06

NY Times piece on 10,000 Days

"10,000 Days" (Volcano/Zomba/Sony BMG) is purely a CD, though it's a pretty elaborate one. Along with those 77 minutes of music, you get a wraparound hardcover case; the booklet is printed stereoscopically, with lenses built into the cover. This is the kind of CD that makes a $9.99 download seem like a rip-off.

The NY Times is running a piece on the success of the new album (as well as the Internet effect on distribution) on their website. The link may die in a few days, so when it does, you'll be able to read it in our news archive.
Wednesday, 5/10/06

Vicarious DVD single on its way

As reported on Toolshed, Billboard magazine has mentioned that a DVD single of Vicarious is in the works and will be released in the coming weeks. The article doesn't mention anything more about the single, unfortunately, but we'll keep you posted on developments. Thanks to Dissonance19 for the heads up.
Tuesday, 5/09/06

This just in

Tool is number one in the U.S with over 550,000 in sales.


Win a 10,000 Days poster from The Hotline

Drunkpoet got a promotional poster for 10,000 Days from October_Midnight, in the hopes of giving it to you. We just had to figure out some way to get you to qualify yourself as a winner of this nice cardstock poster. I sat on it for a few weeks, trying to come up with something more interesting than street-teaming, but I've given up, so here's what you have to do to enter this contest:

Tastefully spread the word about this site, and tell me how you did it. Whether you're like avundii and you set up some form of syndication for the RSS feed we have, you add us to your blog's links page, or you're just telling your friends to check the page out for Tool news... the key is to be tasteful about it. Don't go spamming message boards you don't normally post at.

Entries are due by Tuesday, May 16th, give or take a few hours to make up for time zone differences. Contest is open to anyone from anywhere, and I'll be picking the winner somewhat arbitrarily. So, give it a shot, just don't be annoying about it. What have you got to lose? Hopefully I don't regret this action. Thanks, and good luck!
Monday, 5/08/06

My review of the listening party at CoSM.

As Leviathant mentioned last week, I attended the 10,000 Days listening party at Alex Grey's Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors last Friday night. If you're interested, you can read my review here.

Australia: No. 1 & Platinum

10,000 Days has debuted at no. 1 position on the Australian charts this week, as well as already achieving platinum status (70,000 units sold). Well done Australian Tool fans!

Thanks to Dan, and the really handy Fourth Eye RSS feed to your right.
Sunday, 5/07/06

10,000 Days debuts at #4 in the UK

10,000 Days has done well in the UK, hitting the #4 position in this week's album charts, below the new Snow Patrol album, but above Pearl Jam. Thanks Sean!
Friday, 5/05/06

I know the pieces fit

Tool's official site has updated with a bit of cryptic news for a change. Apparently there is some sort of puzzle that is waiting to be deciphered involving the booklet for 10,000 Days.

From Toolband:

Yes, it is true that the four individual photos (of the band members) can be used as the pieces of a kind of puzzle, but for now that's about all I'm going to say.

It's also worth noting that Blair hints at the artwork of the booklet being part of the puzzle as well, not just the band photos.

Well, looks like it's time to put on our detective cap, folks. Thanks to Joshua for letting us know about the update.

Tool's Rage Playlist, Bush a Twat

As previously mentioned, Tool will be guest programming and hosting the Australian music video program Rage Saturday night. The playlist has now been released at the Rage website.

Also, in an interview with the Australian Channel V music channel, Tool called George Bush a twat, which always makes for a good read. Thanks to Brian Ward for that one.
Thursday, 5/04/06

Tool @ Time Off

We've been informed by Dissonance19 that there is an interview with Tool at Time Off.

It's an interesting read, and I suggest taking a look.

10,000 Days Reviews *Updated x2*

A few reviews of 10,000 Days have been appearing lately online (all of them positive).

All Music Guide
IGN (thanks Camshaft)
Glide Magazine

Oh yes, how could I forget Pitchfork Media's unwavering objection to the music I like?

Gutner has informed us a new review of the album has appeared on Blabbermouth.

Reissue update

We reported last month that in the U.K. had listed reissues of all of Tool's past albums, including Salival, to be released on May 15th. It seems that Amazon U.K. as well as HMV have followed suit.

It is worth noting that the story on Salival seems to change from website to website. Amazon is NOT listing it at this time, is listing the release date as December 31st, and HMV is listing the release date as May 15th, just like the other reissues. We'll keep you posted on any updates.

Thanks to Ewan for letting us know.
Wednesday, 5/03/06

Tool Hotline Livejournal Feed

If you're a regular user of Livejournal and you just can't keep up with all the Tool news flooding this website right now (*cough*), you might want to subscribe to the Tool Hotline LJ feed and get the news straight to your friends page - a handy tool (*arf*) indeed. We're not sure who set this up, but thanks goes to Wix for offering, and then discovering that it already existed.

In case you missed it...

The Triple J interview with tool is available to listen to here. Discussions on downloading, politics and Michael Jackson, very interesting interview. thanks to NDL for the heads up.

Reminder: NYC listening party on Friday

Just a reminder, if you're in New York this weekend, for $20, you can attend a 10,000 Days listening party at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, where a whole lot of Alex Grey's artwork is on display. From the CoSM site:
Come share the excitement of TOOL's incredible album "10,000 Days" as we listen to it surrounded by the art of Alex Grey. Alex will give an illustrated talk about his work and interaction with TOOL.

In addition to Alex Grey's presentation, we're sending our very own Drunkpoet to cover the shindig. If you can handle that level of celebrity presence, be sure to check this event out.

Tool Contest from Sony Australia

Fourth Eye has reported that there is a Tool contest currently up from Sony BMG in Australia. The winner will receive a copy of the new album, a blockmounted 10,000 Days poster and a copy of the Lateralus vinyl. So, check it out here, and good luck!

Signed by Alex Grey.

Apparently I missed this. Alex Grey is selling signed copies of 10,000 Days on his site. Signed by him, of course. Not the band.

Ths site says there are a limited number available, so act fast. The site also says that it may take a week or two to recieve your copy. They are $30 + shipping.

Thanks to John H. for the info. Sorry that I'm late in posting this.
Tuesday, 5/02/06

Psst. 10,000 Days is in US stores now.

Just in case you haven't been paying attention, today is May 2nd. Don't forget to rush out and pick up the new Pearl Jam Tool album today.
Monday, 5/01/06

Set your Tivo...

Tool will be guest-hosting the Australian music show Rage this Saturday night at 11:10 PM. The show allows bands to host and play their choice of music videos.

Thanks to schteph at Echoing The Sound for giving us the heads up initially, and to Atl for reminding us of the air date.

Update: There's now a short video segment of Maynard and Danny introducing the show up on the web. You can check it out here. Thanks to Dorepoll at the aforementioned message board for letting us know.

'Vicarious' number two

According to 'vicarious' is second on the modern rock charts in its first week(damn those peppers). Thanks to googly for the link.

Coachella setlist

As posted in our Tour journal, here are the songs played lastnight at Coachella:

01. Stinkfist
02. The Pot
03. Forty-six & 2
04. Jambi
05. Schism
06. Eon Blue Apocalypse
07. The Patient
08. Sober
09. Lateralus
10. Vicarious
11. Ænema

That's one hell of a set list.

At the aforementioned tour journal link, you can post photos & reviews of shows you've attended -- or read about other people's experiences, in a nicely sorted format that we've tested very successfully with the other news site we run.

Of course, there's also the long-running Tour Journal section of toolshed, where more reviews have already been posted, so be sure to check those out.