Wednesday, 8/30/06

More photos to enGorge yourself in.

Thanks to isdfx here's a bunch more pictures of Tool live. This time it's from The Gorge in Washington. There's 88 photos and they were taken from decently close. Check them out.
Tuesday, 8/29/06

Interview with New Zealand's Nightline

Thanks to the wonder of You Tube, you can now check out a recent interview Adam and Danny did with the show Nightline in New Zealand. You can find the video here.

Thanks to Sitius over at ETS for the heads up.
Sunday, 8/27/06

If you want to get your Seoul to heaven....

A friend of isdfx attended the show in South Korea the other day and took some pictures. If you want to see them, click here. If not, don't.

Thanks to isdfx and schwein.
Saturday, 8/26/06

Jam! Showbiz Music's non-interview

The online publication Jam! Showbiz has an interesting, if rather cynical, article on the band now up at their site. You can read it here.

Thanks to Incendiarylover over at Echoing The Sound for the heads up on that one.
Thursday, 8/24/06

Pictures from Summer Sonic

There are a few pictures online of the band performing at Japan's Summer Sonic festival. You can check them out here.

Thanks to reverendtimothy for letting us know.
Wednesday, 8/23/06

Ticketmaster holds Tool auction *update*

September dates are now up for auction, with most auctions ending this week or early next. Ticketmaster gives you the option of bidding on either two general admission tickets or two reserved seating tickets. Happy Bidding!

TOOL 101

Blender has 33 things you should know about tool up at their site.
Thanks Rob.

Calling all 'Meatheads'...

Opening act Isis sit down for an interview with MTV to discuss touring with TOOL and all the 'Meatheads'.
"You're bound to have a larger meathead contingency in your audience when you open for a band as big as Tool, and we're very aware of the fact that a good portion of the people at these shows will be bored to tears or perhaps even angry while we're playing," said Turner, who also owns Los Angeles-based Hydra Head Records. "There's also a good chance a lot of 'em won't even be there and will be finding their seats as we're finishing up our set. In one way, we're really excited about it, but in another way, we're realistic about it too.
thanks to sleepz and his/her nose for tool news.

Metallica guitarist joins Tool on stage, part two

A short, low quality video of this performance can currently be seen on YouTube.
thanks again to sleepz for the submission.

more interviews

For those of you in or around New Zealand, you'll have the option of tuning in to a Danny and Justin interview this Wednesday night on TV3.(not sure of the time for this to take place but im sure those of you with access to the channel will be able to find out)
Also, as rumored on Blabbermouth last week and all throughout the net, Danny and Justin will apparently confirm TOOL's headlining of 2007's Big Day Out festival.
Thanks go to Luka for the submission.
Sunday, 8/20/06

In case you're interested...

As reported on Fourth Eye, the August newsletter is now up over at the official site, and it includes, among other things, the official lyrics to Rosetta Stoned.

The March newsletter is also back up as well. You can check both newsletters out here.
Sunday, 8/20/06

Metallica guitarist joins Tool on stage

Just a little tidbit for those interested. As reported on Blabbermouth, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett joined the band on stage during their show in Honolulu on Friday during Sober. There's a bit more information in the full story, which you can read here.

Thanks to sleepz for letting us know.
Thursday, 8/17/06

Ticketmaster Update

There's only one date going on sale this weekend through Ticketmaster in North America:

Tue, 10/3- Manchester, NH/ Verizon Wireless Arena - Manchester
On sale tomorrow at 12:00 PM

Please note that the show is taking place in New Hampshire, not Pennsylvania, as previously listed on the official site.

Thanks to Erik and Fireal for letting us know.
Sunday, 8/13/06

Tool article in CoSM Journal

As mentioned on the official site, the latest issue of the CoSM Journal has an article written by Alex Grey discussing his work with Tool. Unfortunately, the article isn't available online, but you can order the issue from CoSM's website.
Thursday, 8/10/06

Ticketmaster update *Edited*

*Edit*There was a bit of confusion about the Englewood, CO show. We listed a story yesterday that the show was going on sale this Friday. This information was listed on Ticketmater yesterday. Unfortunately, it was listed on Ticketmaster by mistake, and was later retracted. The show was already on sale.

I apologize for the mistake. I should have noticed the error, but I got lost in the shuffle of all these onsale dates.

Thanks to Robin and brokenmandible for letting us know.
Tuesday, 8/08/06

Interview with Joe Barresi and Bob Ludwig

Sorry we didn't catch this earlier, but last month Mix Magazine put up an interview with engineers Joe Barresi and Bob Ludwig regarding their work on 10,000 Days. You can check out the article here.

Don't forget you can also read this article [and many others] in our News Archives.

Thanks to Exploding Plastic at Echoing The Sound for the heads up.

Tool to play Madison, WI

Although it hasn't been confirmed by Ticketmaster yet, the website has stated that Tool will be performing at the Kohl Center in Madison, WI on September 19th. Tickets are going on sale through the aforementioned website this Saturday at 10:00 AM. You can find out all the info here.

We will keep you posted if and when Ticketmaster does update with this information.

Big thanks to everyone who wrote in to let us know.

Ticketmaster holds Tool auction

For those who may have missed their chance at the best seats this tour, Ticketmaster in North America is auctioning off tickets for a few select dates. The dates listed are below, and you can check out the auction here.

Fri, 8/18- Blaisdell Concert Hall, Honolulu, HI
Sat, 8/19- Blaisdell Concert Hall, Honolulu, HI
Tue, 8/22- General Motors Place, Vancouver, BC
Thu, 8/24- Pengrowth Saddledome, Calgary, AB
Fri, 8/25- Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB
Sun, 8/27- Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA

Thanks to isdfx and Joshua for letting us know.
Monday, 8/07/06

In the news....

San Diego news and Blabbermouth are both reporting that many fans were injured over the weekend at San Diego's Street scene.

"The crush of fans grew so great that midway through the band's second song, lead singer Maynard James Keenan stopped singing and said: “Step back so you don't get trampled. It's just rock.”

Keenan repeatedly implored the crowd to step back, even before a uniformed city official conferred with him on stage.

“If you all take a few steps back we can keep playing,” Keenan told the audience at 10:52. The crowd moved back.

A few minutes later, Keenan said: “Look out for your brothers and sisters. No one has to die in rock 'n' roll.”

San Diego's NBC online site has footage of the night and the story from that nights news.

We here at 'The Tool Hotline' hope everyone injured makes it through.Thanks to those who sent in the tips.
Thursday, 8/03/06

Just a reminder...

In case you missed the interview with Maynard and Danny on BBC Radio's Masters Of Rock show that we reported on previously, you can listen to the entire thing using the "Listen Again" feature on their website.

Thanks to Justin for reminding us.

Scotland and U.S. ticket updates *Updated x2*

In another bit of tour news, both Ticketmaster and the website Gigs In Scotland now have pre-sale tickets available for the show listed below [with links.]

Sat, 25/11- Glasgow, Scotland/SE+CC

You can check out the Ticketmaster pre-sale here [standing] and here [seated tickets].

You can check out the pre-sale through Gigs In Scotland here.

Thanks to Sean and sleepz for the heads up on that.

Also, onsale information has popped up about two more U.S. tour dates going on sale this weekend through Ticketmaster. Details are below.

Mon, 10/2- Wilkes-Barre, PA/Wachovia Arena
On sale Saturday at 10:00 AM

Thu, 10/5- Hartford, CT/ Hartford Civic Center
On sale Saturday at 10:00 AM

And don't forget about the other U.S. tour dates going on sale this weekend, which you can find information on in our previous story below.

Thanks to Erik for the info on the Hartford date.

According to New York radio station Free FM, tickets for Tool's show at the Nassau Coliseum on October 7th go on sale this Saturday. You can read about it here. Keep in mind that this has not been confirmed by Ticketmaster. We'll keep you posted if and when they confirm this information.

*Update #2*
The New York show has now been added to Ticketmaster.

Sat, 10/7- Wantagh, NY/Nassau Coliseum
On sale Saturday at 10:00 AM

UK ticket updates [including pre-sale info] *Updated*

We've received multiple reports from readers that the general onsale for tickets to the UK shows listed below start at 9:00 AM Friday. Unfortunately, Ticketmaster UK is not even listing the dates yet, let alone on-sale information. So, keep checking back, because as soon as we get some more information on that, we will let you know.

In the meantime, however, we just got word that the tour dates listed below are available NOW in a pre-sale through the website Gigs and Tours.

Here are the tour dates on pre-sale, followed by the link:

Fri, 24/11- Manchester, U.K./Arena
Mon, 27/11- Wembley, U.K./Arena
Thu, 30/11- Cardiff, U.K./Arena
Fri, 01/12- Nottingham, U.K./Arena


Thanks to sleepz, Rob, evil_jammie_dodger and Jake who all wrote in to let us know about this information.


First, Ticketmaster UK now has tickets for all four shows above available through their pre-sale. You can check it out here.

Thanks to sleepz and Niraj for that info.
Wednesday, 8/02/06

Ticketmaster update *Updated*

Only one American on sale date has been added to Ticketmaster this week [so far.] It is listed below. Also, don't forget to check back for updates, as Ticketmaster has been throwing up quite a few dates at the last minute.

Sat, 9/30- Washington, DC/ Verizon Center
On sale Friday at 10:00 AM


Another onsale has been announced this weekend, listed below.

Fri, 10/6- East Rutherford, NJ/Continental Airlines Arena
On sale Saturday at 10:00 AM

Thanks to Erik and Cory for letting us know about that one.