Saturday, 9/30/06

Official launch of The Puscifer Site

According to a new Myspace update by Maynard, the Puscifer site will be launching on October 13th..

"Finally. We're gonna do it. Just a few more little tweaks and the site will be launched.
Very relieved. The site will of course evolve as time goes on, but for now I'm very pleased.
FRIDAY OCTOBER 13TH, 2006 We launch."

New interview with Justin

The Pennsylvania newspaper the Times Leader has a new interview with Justin up at their site. You can read the article here.

Thanks to Incendiarylover at ETS for that bit of news.
Thursday, 9/28/06

Tool+Mastodon update.

Tool Hotline image Here is an ad from Kerrang confirming what we reported Saturday. Mastodon will be supporting Tool in Europe, but since there are only five dates on the ad, I guess it won't be the entire tour. I guess we just wait to see.

Thanks to Matthew for the image.
Wednesday, 9/27/06

Treats For All

Maynard just made another update over at his Puscifer Myspace page, a little note to be looking for the launch of the Puscifer site in about 2 weeks time.... Maynard also makes mention that his dog Miho turns 1 today, well 'unless you celebrate the dogs years'....
Tuesday, 9/26/06

Picture this if you will !

A review of Saturday's Toronto show has been posted on ChartAttack, Maynard also makes Photo of the Week ...

Thanks Deadpool5
Saturday, 9/23/06

Kirk on Tool, Mastodon with Tool, and Wings with....Rosetta?

Metallica has updated their site with a story about Kirk playing with Tool last month in Korea. This was brought to our attention by sleepz, so thanks sleepz. There's a few images and a little write-up about his experience with the band.

For some more stuff sent in my sleepz, here are some photos from the Oakland, CA show back in May.

Blabbermouth is reporting that Mastodon is supporting Tool for their entire European tour that is coming up. Lucky bastards. Mastodon's new album Blood Mountain came out on September 12, so you can get it if you want.

And my last update for now is that this video on YouTube is apparently the first time Wings For Marie was played live, even though the video doesn't seem to be of Wings, only the audio. These dates below are what is listed with the video on YouTube, but that date isn't the first time it was played.

Audio from Dallas 9.14.2006.
Video clips from Fresno 2006.
Thursday, 9/21/06

Tool in the press...

Revolver's MEGA 50th issue, hitting newstands later this month, places TOOL at number 26 in their poll of the '50 Heaviest Hitters in Metal' with The Devil at number one.

Justin vs The Beatles

Detroit's own 101.1 FM has posted an interview with Justin Chancellor from earlier in the month. It can be found here. Thanks to the great sleepz for the link.
Tuesday, 9/19/06

Danny Carey interview on

Thanks to Incendiarylover on ETS for this tidbit: there is a new interview with Danny up over at You can read the article here.

Last Minute ISIS Show

As posted on the ISIS MySpace page:

Last Minute ISIS Show at Beat Kitchen in Chicago!!!!

Unfortunately Tool's Madison, Wi. show with ISIS has been postponed. ISIS will be playing a show at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago tonight-9.19.06. Details are as follows:

Beat Kitchen
2100 W. Belmont
Chicago, Il. 60618
ph (773) 281 4444

Doors: 9:30
-Beat Awake: 10:00
-Yakuza: 10:45
-ISIS: 11:45

Show is 18+ and $12 at the door.

Thank You to all that helped to make this last minute show come together!

MJK Keeping Busy

Maynard has posted a small update on the news section of the A Perfect Circle site.

The Sleeper Must Awaken

"Peace. sorry it\'s been awhile since we\'ve posted. Been busy. Billy is hard at work on his solo project and i\'m on the road with TOOL, working on the website, and making wine in between all that. No telling when Billy will be finished with his new material, but what i\'ve heard is very promising. i forgot to post lyrics for 13th step and eMOTIVe so i\'m get on that soon. Check back often. peace. out. mjk"

Thanks Nate
Saturday, 9/16/06
Monday, 9/11/06

Puscifer Myspace Update

Todays randomness with Maynard.

Puscifer Myspace Image

Friday, 9/08/06

Something for the kids...

As TOOL conquers the world with their current tour, Baby Rock Records will be releasing their rendition of TOOL greats but with a twist, "Instead of distorted guitars and thunderous drums, we've used mellotron, glockenspiel and chimes to highlight Tool's dreamy melodies." (How can you go wrong with a glockenspiel?) Check it out, they have mp3 samples available for your pleasure.
thanks to patrick for the link.

Give me my wings!

And that they got, tonight marked the first night Tool played WINGS FOR MARIE / 10,000 DAYS at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA, reviews are starting to pop up on Tool Army and over at the ETS.

I would like to share one review that stood out to me posted by sirencb on Tool Army.

" I am humbled. Never before have I let my ears hear, my eyes see, my heart feel another mans love, pain, and remembrance as I did tonight. I grabbed hold of demons inside me, inside of my love, inside a stranger who we all try to know through art.

As tears were streaming down my face, stinging and more rapidly than could ever have been expected, and muscles trembled in the most meaningful embrace I've ever had, with no thought at all and eyes closed I outstretched my left hand hand to a man who let his pain escape and transcend as if to help him through.

I can do nothing but pray that an element of peace was achieved tonight for all of them.

And to Maynard, thank you for letting us all change and find peace tonight, I hope and pray the same for you brother.

As for tomorrow, I have no idea but tonight, I know we are all human and that regardless of want and need, when it comes to loss and pain, we are all of the same cloth but wear it and share it very differently.

Thank you. "
Friday, 9/01/06

Lateralus Banners at Burning Man

If you're in the area and still want to check out the 20 foot Sacred Mirror Banners from the Lateralus tour, TOOL has lent them out to CoSM to decorate their 60 foot dome that will be on display at Burning Man.

The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors will be a part of ENTHEON Village at Burning Man 2006. August 28th through September 4th, - just outside of Gerlach, Nevada.

Mercury News profiles Tool

There is an article up online from the Mercury News newspaper. The article focuses on the band's upcoming show in Oakland, 10,000 Days being played live soon, and a short interview with Justin. You can check the article out here.

Thanks to blackholesun over at ETS for the info on this one.