Thursday, 11/15/07

A few things with Maynard.

101x in Austin,Tx has a decent sized interview with Maynard up and streaming here. Erin from the SuicideGirls interviewed 'the man' and you can watch that interview here. thanks to cory and Khadgar346 for the tips.
Tuesday, 11/13/07

Vicarious DVD info and a little something special.

As most of you are aware, the release of the long awaited tool dvd for 'Vicarious' is just around the corner, Dec.18th to be exact(as of now). With this in mind, i spent a few minutes searching and as i thought, it is up for pre-order on most of the sites i checked, with the price running from a little over 9 bucks to a little over 12. So head over to your favorite online store and get to ordering!
Personally, im not one to order much online as im no fan of shipping and handling charges and also im lucky to live close enough to one of those cheap musical chain stores so if youre like me figure paying about 11 bucks.
Also, with Tool more than likely playing their last shows in what could be a long time, i hope those of you lucky enough to go have a good show! Those of us not going youtuber Toolbootleg has put up this pretty sweet clip of 'Rosetta Stoned'
Wednesday, 11/07/07

Chat with Maynard.

One of our myspace friends has informed us that Maynard will be doing a live chat with fans on Dec. 4th. Apparently, you have until Nov.9th to submit your questions, which you can do here.
Monday, 11/05/07

Maynard interviews.

You can find an interview with Maynard over at The Point, click the audio tab in the middle of the page. Havnt listened to it myself, but im sure there will be plenty of gems within. Thanks to cory for the link.
Also, Casi let us know that you can go here (updated the link)and find an artist on artist interview between Maynard and Patton Oswalt.
Thursday, 11/01/07

Vegas on-sale info and some of Blair's "ramblings" update with this:
Both Las Vegas Tool shows at "The Pearl" go on sale this SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3.

there is also another weird newsletter posted in which i found this:
I'm fairly certain that the entity known as "Merch" will have some goodies for you in the coming black months, but exactly what these are, is difficult to discern, as there are currently toads breeding in the stagnant water of the psychomantium.

Vicarious DVD by Christmas?

nascentia sent in word that Adam Jones just posted a MySpace bulletin with some minor updates. You don't have a MySpace account? We do, you should sign up and make friends with us. Anyway, the bulletin goes like this:
I get lots of messages asking me to please update my page content.
I have been super busy lately - touring, dealing with fires(*future Blog), fighting the good fight and fearing nothing.
But right now - I am finishing our epic Vicarious video here in Santa Monica ca.
(FYI) It should be in the stores on DVD december 18th.
i put a few photos up for now of some older fx artwork in my 'ART' folder under Pics.
And i will try to add more sooner than soon.