Saturday, 12/29/07

Maynard and The Wailers?

While doing my normal search for Tool and Tool related news, i ran across this interview with Elan Atias of the newly reformed 'The Wailers' and his discussion of guest artists on their newest album:
What guest musicians are going to be on the album?

As of now, I can say Robbie Williams, Eve, Dave Matthews, Ben Harper, Fergie, Akon, Sean Paul, No Doubt, 311, Incubus, Joss Stone. We're trying to get Maynard (James Keenan) from Tool. They’re just people who have been inspired by The Wailers who want to be part of it.

I, personally, hope this actually happens!

Shortlist nomination for Puscifer

'V is for vagina' has been nominated for this years Shortlist Prize. A lot of good albums on that list but i think Puscifers got a good chance!

Vicarious makes Rolling Stone's top videos of 2007

We all know how much Rolling Stone magazine loves to do lists, well this one is the top 25 videos of 2007 with Tool's Vicarious barely making the list at number 16. I know this is pretty much pointless but i figured it was worth a mention with news a little slow right now.
thanks to Fourth Eye for the tip.
Saturday, 12/22/07


If you have yet to purchase the dvd of Tool's Vicarious video or have yet to see it, i have put it up on our Myspace page. Thanks again to Bootleg eddie for the updated link.

TOOL loves Guitar Hero 3!

Thats just a guess on my part, but anyway Fourth Eye has posted a link to TOOL's live cover of Dead Kennedy's 'Holiday in Cambodia' featuring the one and only Jello Biafra. (for those who don't get my guitar hero reference, this song is included on the newest installment, also one of my favorites on the game)
*updated*Kube2 has put up a slide show featuring this song, up on his youtube page so if you don't feel the need to download the track here is that video for your enjoyment:
Sunday, 12/16/07

End of '10,000' Days.

No, not the badass Schwarzenegger action/horror/comedy flick, Nik sent in a report that during last nights show in Vegas, Maynard announced that it would be the final show supporting '10,000 days'. So, this may void out the rumor i posted a few weeks back about a show in New Zealand.

Left of Center with Maynard.

Fourth Eye has updated with this little bit of info:
MJK will be getting on the mic on his favorite radio station, Left of Center. Maynard will discuss everything from his wine vineyard to his thoughts on creativity and downloading to his new Puscifer album. He’ll also play and discuss every song from the new Puscifer record, V Is For Vagina, exclusively for Left of Center listeners. All from the comfort of his wine vineyard in Cornville, Arizona. Listen each hour throughout the entire week beginning at 10 am ET on Monday December 17th through Sunday, December 23rd.

Left of Center is a channel on sirius radio, for those of you who dont know. Im not sure how this will work, i guess they will play one song from the album every hour or something.
Saturday, 12/15/07

Vicarious makes its internet debut, kind of.

Before I post the following, keep in mind that if you want to see the full resolution video and the 40 minute making-of, the David Cross commentary and so forth, the only way to properly experience it is to watch it on the official DVD, which is released here in the US on the 18th.

Having said that, if you just can't wait, and don't mind getting a lower quality preview, the infamous Bootleg Eddie has not only procured a copy of the DVD, but posted it the Vicarious video on YouTube. This is where you can find that video. Get it while the getting is good.
Thursday, 12/13/07

Vicarious DVD info

FourthEye updated with the following Vicarious dvd info:

" According to the tracklisting for the Vicarious DVD will be:

1. “Vicarious” video - 8:47
2. Audio commentary by David Cross
3. The Vicarious Documentary - 40:46
4. Story Boards - 1:17
5. “CoSM” (Alex and Allyson Grey Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) - 4:09 "

they also have images of the dvd up at their site, if your interested in seeing them now, i myself am waiting the 5 days remaining.


I just came across this over at the Alex Grey site:

Hosted by ALEX GREY

Featuring a special screening of the new TOOL Video co-directed by Adam Jones and Alex Grey.
Also shown will be the documentary
on the making of this latest
TOOL- ALEX GREY video collaboration.

$25.00 Admission includes

Friday December 21st
8pm - 12 pm @ CoSM

Limited tickets available.
Pre-purchase guarantees entry and DVD
Saturday, 12/08/07

Interview and billboard news.

The fan sponsored interview i informed you of a few weeks ago has happened and you can read the transcript here. Not much information posted but mainly Maynard being Maynard.
Also, over at Myspace, Maynard posted this exciting info at the Puscifer page:
Get this. Are you sitting down? Not sure how this happened, but I'm not complaining. Cuntry Boner just showed up at number 1 on the Billboard Dance Singles Chart and number 10 on the Billboard Singles Chart. Not kidding. Almost as funny as Jethro Tull winning a Grammy for Best METAL Performance. Hopefully it won't go down. El Oh El.

I'd like to think i played a part in this, heh.
Thursday, 12/06/07


Tool is up for a grammy in the category of 'Best Hard Rock Performance' for the song 'The Pot'. You can check out the full list here.
Thanks to metronome for the tip.
Tuesday, 12/04/07


For those of you who shop online and are wanting to preorder the dvd for 'Vicarious', amazon has it on sale for under 10 bucks here.
Monday, 12/03/07

Because getting socks for the holidays is lame

On the off chance that you were thinking of getting someone a Tool shirt/hoodie/whatever for Christmas, you should probably do so via our merch store, where a lot of officially licensed Tool shirts are available for half of what they cost at Dare I say it, I think we've got Tool shirts cheaper than anywhere else, online or off. We've recently added a bunch of stickers & buttons, and a new shirt featuring the cover art of 10,000 Days in a red hue, for a bank-breaking $12.99. If you want this stuff to arrive in time for Christmas, you'll need to order according to the dates below:

USA orders - please order by December 14, 2007
Canadian orders - please order by December 11, 2007
International orders - please order by December 7, 2007

While I've got you hear, sorry for the server hiccups you may have noticed in the last week or two. We recently moved to a new server, and are still working out some glitches here and there. Once that's all ironed out, we'll be unveiling a new look for the site... it should be pretty slick.
Sunday, 12/02/07


From Toolband:
Regrettably, MONDAY'S SHOW IN MISSOULA, MONTANA has been POSTPONED due to illness. Maynard has a viral infection in his throat and has been instructed by his doctor to get some rest.

Saturday, 12/01/07

A few things with Maynard(and tool news)v2.0

A Maynard interview with Spinner:
" But then it starts to get to that weird Holy Grail level where at some point you go, "Dude, we were just having fun. They were just songs. We inserted some codes in there just as a joke, but we weren't serious. We're not wearing masks in some basement chanting, nothing to do with any of that stuff. It's just us having fun."

Fourtheye is reporting that over at CoSM you will be able to purchase the 'Vicarious' dvd signed by Alex Grey, and to keep checking the website since this will be a limited item. They are also reporting that TOOL is rumored to be playing the TSB Arena in Wellington, New Zealand sometime in March of 2008(only a rumor as of this moment).
An excellent interview with Maynard from SPIN:
"I don't have any talent," he says. "I'm just a dumbass. I mean, I can put a couple of words together, but I'm not Stephen Hawking; it's not that kind of stuff. But people are treating it like it is."

Will there ever be another APC album? "Um, no," is his reply. "Maybe, someday, a song on a soundtrack. But an album? No."