Saturday, 3/31/07

TOOL to play M'era Luna Festival

According to the official festival site, Tool is set to play the M'era Luna Festival in Germany this summer. No word from the tool camp yet, but its sure to come.
thanks for the tip Florian.
Thursday, 3/29/07

Round Three

Well, we sealed the coffin on that old, crusty Roy Orbison dude and now we are facing another old, but not so crusty David Bowie(i know this is going to be a tough choice, but you know what to do-give Bowie a vote next year ;P ).
anyways, on with the madness. Round Two is still going strong with a few remaining bands, so go vote and get those TOOL voting fingers ready for next week.

Here is a lowdown on what to expect in case you want to be prepared:
Round 3: Bloodbaths on the Horizon
Almost every matchup in Round 3 has the potential for some insanity breaking out, and who knows what to expect at this point, but some of the more intriguing ones to me include: The Kinks vs. Peter Gabriel, AC/DC vs. Grateful Dead, Billy Joel vs. Ozzy Osbourne, Pixies vs. George Harrison, Bowie vs. Tool (if we keep getting hits from the Tool hotline), Depeche Mode vs. The Strokes, The Cure vs. John Mellencamp (just cause it’s the first rematch in Band Madness history), The Clash vs. Stone Temple Pilots, an incredibly interesting matchup between Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth, and, quite possibly the hardest decision that I’ve ever been faced with in this tournament or in life, Velvet Underground vs. Elvis Costello. Yikes - talk about a Sophie’s Choice. In a more fun, Holocaust-free way, I guess.
Monday, 3/26/07

Get your vote on!

Ok, i know most of you frequent our sister or i guess, our mother site Well, last year they were able to take over and turn Nine Inch Nails into grand champions. Now its our turn with Tool already into the second round taking on the lovable but dead Roy Orbison.
Tell your friends and vote as many times as possible, post a link in every forum you visit in order to make Tool this years grand champion. Its up to YOU!
thanks to hayley for the reminder.
Tuesday, 3/20/07

and the puzzle continues

For those of you still interested in solving the puzzle of the '10,000 days' insert, Blair has added an update to Toolband which does nothing to help solve the puzzle(if indeed there is one).


I received the following e-mail last Thursday and thought I'd share it:

E-MAIL: "I noticed that in the close-up from the picture of Danny Carey the Thoth Tarot's Qaballistic Cross implies a "T" while the twin circles of the scorpion-hilted dagger imply two "O's" and finally the straight un-hilted vajra dagger is an "L", thus spelling TOOL. Is that the puzzle? or just some clever shit?"

REPLY: The solution to the puzzle involves four individual photos. Still, that's a pretty good observation on your part. Did anyone else notice this with the combination of the Hermetic Rose Cross on the back of the card, the scorpion-hilted magick dagger, and the vajra ritual implement (actually a Tibetan Phurba, I believe)?

Vegas info

Toolband has added an update for ticketholders of the upcoming Vegas dates; purchases:

"Customers that purchased tickets for the original March shows through will receive an email today, March 20, informing them of ticketing options for the rescheduled dates. You will have the choice of keeping your original tickets and attending the new rescheduled dates as listed below or obtaining a refund if you are unable to attend the rescheduled date. Ticket holders must call in to customer service (702-944-3200) as instructed in the email by April 2 and confirm your attendance or request a refund. If you fail to call into customer service, your tickets will be automatically refunded and the tickets will be released at that time."

Ticketmaster Outlet purchases:

For those holding a ticket purchased at one of Ticketmaster's outlets, those tickets will be honored for the new rescheduled dates as listed below or a refund can be obtained at the original point of purchase.

Tool Army pre-sale purchases:

"For those who purchased tickets through the Tool Army pre-sale, you will be receiving tickets with the new rescheduled dates printed. If you cannot attend the new rescheduled dates as listed below, you must email by April 2 to request a refund. If you fail to request a refund by the deadline, your tickets will be considered non-refundable."

Rescheduled dates:

Tickets for the original March 15th show can only be used for the show on Friday, April 27th.

Tickets for the March 16th show can only be used for the Saturday, April 28th show.
Friday, 3/16/07

“Dude you smell like you’re rotting.”

New Maynard(of Tool)interview up over at SuicideGirls. Enjoyable read discussing Puscifer, Tool, his love for Borat and other possible music projects.
thanks gutner.
Thursday, 3/15/07

This just in...

another San Diego show has been added for May 3rd, no news as to the onsale for this date but it may be safe to assume that it will happen on the 23rd or 24th of this month.
edit-since original tickets purchased are still good for new dates then the San Diego presale would be for this show, thanks to mtlgeer at ets for helping me 'get it right'.

Two Vegas shows added

Two Las Vegas dates have been added to the itinerary, April 27th and 28th. So in between texas holdem and nickel slots you can jam to the soothing sounds of Tool.

onsale dates posted has been updated with onsale dates for upcoming shows, apparently Toolarmy members will get a days advance on the sales.

San Diego - 3/23
Wichita- 3/24
Council Bluffs- 3/24
Pensacola- 3/31
Birmingham - 3/24
Atlanta - 3/24
Tampa - 3/24
Orlando - 3/24
Sunrise - 3/24
Jacksonville- 3/24
Greenville - 3/24

thanks to disco20 for the headsup.
Thursday, 3/08/07

Lateralus 123rd Best Album

Lateralus has been ranked 123 in the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame's recent "Definitive 200" list of the best albums.

That means it's one album better than What's The Story Morning Glory.

Thanks to brokenman for the news.
Wednesday, 3/07/07

More US Dates

More dates are coming in...

May 9 - Colorado Springs, CO @ World Arena
May 11 - Wichita, KS @ Kansas Coliseum
May 17 - Bossier City, LA @ Centurytel Arena
May 25 - Pensacola, FL @ Pensacola Civic Center
May 26 - Birmingham, AL @ Verizon Wireless Music Center
May 29 - Tampa, FL @ USF Sundome
May 31 - Orlando, FL @ Amway Arena
June 1 - Sunrise, FL @ Bank Atlantic Center
June 2 - Jacksonville, FL @ Veterans Memorial Coliseum
June 4 - Duluth, GA @ Gwinnette Center

Rescheduled Shows

Toolband was updated with some of the rescheduled shows, you are able to exchange your original ticket(s) for these new dates...

April 30 - Reno @ Reno Event Center
May 2 - San Diego @ Cox Arena
May 5 - Las Cruces @ Pan American Center
May 6 - Tucson @ Convention Center Arena
May 8 - Albuquerque @ Tingley Coliseum
May 15 - Southaven @ DeSoto Center
May 19 - Oklahoma City @ Ford Center
May 21 - San Antonio @ AT&T Center
May 22 - Corpus Christi @ American Bank Center
May 24 - Baton Rouge @ River Center

Thanks Disconnected