Monday, 5/28/07

Tool puzzle solved?

First of all, don't kill the messenger if this doesn't work. I simply report this stuff.

I do feel obligated, however, to report a recent discovery made on Echoing The Sound regarding the 10,000 Days album art puzzle. Pharaoh made the discovery that, believe it or not, the album apparently syncs up with The Wizard Of Oz. Here's a snippet from his post, explaining how to do this:
1. play the movie. the black and white lion in the MGM logo roars three times. AFTER the THIRD roar, PAUSE the movie.
2. play '10,000 days.' be sure to set your stereo to 'repeat all tracks'
3. at EXACTLY - 1:44 into 'vicarious,' UNPAUSE/PLAY movie.
4. you know you did it right when the loud 'thud' at the end of 'wings p.1' corresponds to the scene when dorothy's house lands in Oz.
5. sit back and enjoy.

He also goes on to say:
at first it my seem awkward because of the weird way to synch up the movie [pink floyd is simple by comparison], also listening to 'vicarious' at the beginning, it doesn't seem to gel obviously, but 'vicarious' will make more sense when it repeats later in the movie. trust me, but the time 'jambi' cuts in, the lyrics will begin to synch up with what's happening. by the end of 'wings p.2' you will think "meh. interesting coincidence." BUT, when the tin man scene kicks in, you will know that this is totally legit. THIS. IS. FOR. REAL.

So, there you have it. Have fun trying it out.

There is more information, as well as a discussion about the discovery, here.

Big thanks to Pharaoh for letting everyone know.
Friday, 5/25/07


If you have yet to pick up a copy of Juggernaut, it is available again over at Vaultworks

Puscifer Update

From the Meats Meier blog.

"I've been working with Maynard (TOOL,Perfect Circle) on two videos for his project band Puscifer. We've started on production for the first video recently. I had MJK scanned into a 3D model, and I am now making him do things like virtually break-dance and professionally river-dance using motion capture technology. I can't show any images or animations yet, but I really can't wait until I can - it's some of my best work yet IMHO...and it's for a really cool song.
There will be much more to follow....

He hopes to release the Puscifer album in September."

Thanks MortenH
Tuesday, 5/22/07

New skin, new links, same old.

Being that I commute to Philly via train now, I spend a lot of time in the reluctant arms of public transit. During that commute, I worked on this new theme for The Tool Hotline, which I fashioned out of some photographs of the subway system in Sydney that I took last time I went down under. It is also during this commute that I'll be fashioning a way for you to be able to choose between this theme, the previous theme, and a previously unreleased theme that Bryce Miller (designer of the previous 'xtrablue' theme) had created.

In addition to changing up the background graphics a bit, I've changed a few of the links on the navigation bar here. In addition to our (practically half the price the price of the official site) merch store, I've linked to Tool Discography, in light of vanishing into the ether. Likewise, since quietly putting down the Tool forum at ETS, I've decided to link to Tool Unity as our community of choice.

You may have also noticed that below the Fourth Eye feed, I've added an eBay feed that pulls up some interesting Tool stuff, which, in the interest of full disclosure, does net me a little bit of cash here and there, which helps to pay the bills and all that. As a matter of fact, there's a nice acetate CD of the Tool 1991 demo up there now... if you happen to pick that up, I'd love to get a burned copy.

Anyhow, if you have any feedback about these most recent changes, please drop me an email, regardless as to if it's good or bad. Thanks, tell your friends about us :p

to clarify...,

Blair has posted at Toolarmy the following:

Any pre-sales purchased on TOOLARMY for the PENSACOLA, FL show and through the rest of the tour (keeping in mind that pre-sales were not offered for all of the shows) will be available at WILL CALL (at the venue)."

thanks to jhulud for the heads up.
Saturday, 5/19/07

Due to popular demand, eh?*updated*

Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario is reporting that "Due To Popular Demand!!!" Tool has added a second and earlier date, June 24th. No word elsewhere, but be on the lookout, as they say tickets go on sale Friday the 25th at 5pm.
Thanks to greg for the report.
(official tour date)
Thursday, 5/17/07

Melt-Banana in your ears.

As first reported by FourthEye , the band Melt-Banana will be opening for Tool during a few of their remaining American dates.

For Gus.

Blair has posted info for those of you using that 'official' fansites presale option;
PRE-SALE for the JULY 10 MONTREAL, QC show at BELL CENTER will be tomorrow (MAY 17) from 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM PST. Also, the PRE-SALE for JULY 18 HOMDEL, NEW JERSEY show at PNC BANK ARTS CENTER will be on FRIDAY (MAY 18) from 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM PST.

You must log into your TA account and access the Shopping Bazaar for these pre-sales.

- All orders are subject to approval. Orders are not approved unless buyers receive a follow-up email stating that their order has been PROCESSED.
- All approved ticket orders will be available for pick up at the venue's Will Call on day of show.

- Credit cards will only be charged for approved orders.

- Tool Army reserves the right to deny order requests.

- No more than 2 tickets per person for any show.

hope this helps Gus.

and to the Festivals we be going.

Toolband has posted all the official summer European Festival dates and they be:
Aug 9 - Oslo, Norway @ Oya Festival
Aug 11 - Germany (near Hannover) @ M'era Luna Festival
Aug 12 - Katowice, Poland @ Spodek - Metal Hammer Festival
Aug 13 - Budapest, Hungary @ Sziget Festival
Aug 15 - Salzburg, Austria @ Frequency Festival
Aug 15 - Switzerland @ Gampel Festival
Aug 18 - Belgium @ Pukkelpop Festival
Aug 19 - Holland @ Lowlands Festival
Aug 21 - London, UK @ Brixton Academy
Aug 22 - London, UK @ Brixton Academy
Aug 25 - Paris, France @ Rock en Seine Festival
Aug 26 - Frankfurt, Germany @ Area 4 Festival
Aug 28 - Frankfurt, Germany @ Jahrhunderthalle
Aug 31 - Bilao, Spain @ Azkena Festival
Sept 2 - Milan, Italy @ Independent Days Festival
Sept 4 - Zagreb, Croatia @ Salata
Sept 5 - Belgrade, Serbia @ (to be announced)
Sept 7 - Istanbul, Turkey @ Kurucesme Amphitheatre

makes out for a pretty awesome summer. Hope those of you going enjoy yourselves.
Friday, 5/11/07

Vote for Tool!

As announced over at that nin site :P, KROQ is holding a fans pick 'Bands of all-time' countdown over memorial weekend. Well, we all know the power of nine inch nail's fans on internet polls, so we don't expect to get the top spot but would love to come in the top 3. All you need to do is fill out this form . Thanks for your cooperation, if we make the top three i'll forgive you all for the whole Bandmadness thing.
Wednesday, 5/09/07

And in crazy puzzle news

"To answer some of your questions, YES, the new TOOL 10,000 DAYS POSTER that is being sold at shows on the current tour should make it easier to solve the puzzle related to the artwork that I've mentioned on a few occasions. " Blair .

Once again,

Updates and changes:
June 16 - Cape Girardeau, MO @ Show Me Center
June 17 - Evansville, IN @ Roberts Stadium
June 25 - Sioux City, IA @ Tyson Event Center - Gateway A
June 29 - Cincinnati, OH @ US Bank Arena
July 1 - Youngstown, OH @ Chevrolet Centre
July 5 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Van Andel Arena
July 7 - Huntington, WV @ Big Sandy Superstore Arena
July 12 - Mansfield, MA @ Tweeter Center
May 11

Portland, ME
Youngstown, OH
Cape Gerardeau, MO

May 12

Cincinnati, OH
Ft. Wayne, IN
Evansville, IN
Albany, NY
Reading, PA
Sioux City, IA
Huntington, WV

thanks to Toolband .
Tuesday, 5/08/07

another date

Big Sandy Superstore Arena (or BSSA as i like to call it) are reporting that tool will be coming to Huntington(WV) on 7/7/7 (the holiest of holy days). If you live in the area check out the local radio station X106 as they are promoting the show so they may have giveaways. Tickets go on sale the 12th of may.
thanks to keith and jerry for the info.
Sunday, 5/06/07

more dates

The guys over at Fourth Eye are reporting two more American dates, those are:
* 16th June Cape Girardeau MO,
* 23rd June Fort Wayne IN
the june 16th show goes on sale this friday at Ticketmaster . no info on the fort wayne show.

Someone pinch me, please!

According to the djs and a commercial running on the station, WGBF of Evansville(Indiana) is reporting Tool will be in town June 17, 2007 for a show at Roberts Stadium (they are reporting the show as being the 22 but tool will be in St.Louis then). Since i live in E-ville, this is the best news ive heard since Nine Inch Nails stopped by in 1995(except for the tool confirmed show here of 2002 that never happened). One thing to keep in mind when deciding where to see Tool if you live close to here, there is not one bad seat, even in nose bleeds you'll see band members faces unlike other stadiums Tool will be playing, also i would love to see the place packed to get other acts(NIN) to book dates here.
The radio station i posted will be giving away tickets all week and they stream so give em a listen between 10 and 10ct for your chance to win, they report tickets go on sale sat may 12th at the regular 10am.