Thursday, 6/28/07

Next album may be "sooner than later"

Well, this isn't much, but news is slow at the moment, so here's a little tidbit for you.

According to this article over at, Launch Radio Network is reporting that the next Tool album may be here sooner than we think.

The group hopes to be touring through the end of the year, after which the band will take a break. But, according to Justin, "...I think everyone's getting a bit older, and I have a feeling we'll want to get on with it sooner than later this time."

There is a bit more of an interview at the aforementioned link.

Thanks to October_Midnight for the find.
Tuesday, 6/26/07

Puscifer Music Updates

From the Puscifer Myspace :

"Finishing up the tracks. Should be mixing with Alan Moulder by August and hopefully have the whole thing out by mid October. Joe Barresi mixed the first song, for which we're making a video. And I've recorded a new version of Cuntry Boner which Joe will also be mixing. Most likely I'll be releasing Cuntry Boner as a cd single with some bonus tracks. I'll keep the updates coming.
New Era caps are on the way as well as some new contrast stitched Puscifer shirts and a limited edition Cunry Boner shirt."
Monday, 6/25/07

We'll send Tool news to your inbox

If you're still not one for RSS news feeds, or simply like reading email more than visiting a site like this, today is your lucky day. Having finally made a few specific tweaks to our state-of-the-art 1998 Perl based site administration, and turning on the feature at Feedburner, you can get Tool Hotline updates via eMail. You will only get mail if we update, and the email comes in the form of a digest -- i.e. you get all the updates for the day in one email, rather than email updates as they happen. I won't use your email address for anything else at all, ever -- I hate spam, you do too. If all this sounds cool to you, go ahead and sign up, it's really easy. Enjoy!
Saturday, 6/23/07

Shred School

Blabbermouth reports that Adam Jones will take part, along with others, in Shred School .

What Is Shred School, you may ask? Well, "only Shred School gives you the opportunity to see, hear and talk to your favorite guitar players from some of the top bands in Rock as they discuss their gear, experiences and exploits during various super-sessions, workshops and master classes." For the low fee of 199.99 you can take part in this "once in a lifetime" event.

time and location:
Saturday, August 04, 2007 - 8:00 am - 7:00 pm (Pacific Time)
The Millennium Biltmore Hotel
506 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Sounds pretty cool, thanks to dave for the tip.
Tuesday, 6/19/07

Morello joined Tool at Bonaroo

Bobby just sent in a note "that Rage Against the Machine's very own Tom Morello joined Tool onstage this weekend at Bonnaroo in TN. He ripped up a nice 10 minute solo during Lateralus. Very cool stuff." You may or may not already know that Adam Jones was introduced to the rest of the gang in Tool by Tom Morello, and the two of them had played together in Electric Sheep way back in the day.
Monday, 6/18/07

Next up....Big Business.

Fourth Eye is reporting that the final band to support TOOL on their stateside/Canadian dates will be Big Business. They begin with the june 24th show in Canada.
If you were/are lucky to catch the band with Melt-banana then im sure you wish them well with their journey, got to see em tonight, blew me away.Hope to see em around here again.
Wednesday, 6/13/07

For all you Potheads....

Our buddies over at Fourth Eye report that 'The Pot' has been selected as 'song of the year' by HighTimes Mag (and here i thought the song was about kitchenware-yeah i know).

The manic ramblings of "Rosetta Stoned" are an acid trip for the ears but it's The Pot that takes home the trophy.The song seems to criticize the hypocrisy of the US political and legal systems, making vague references to 'kangaroo courts' and 'crocodile tears' and including double-entendres, with 'pot' alluding both to weed and to the proverbial pot calling the kettle black and with stoned ambiguously referring to both being high and having rocks thrown at you.

Well said.
Tuesday, 6/12/07

Surreal Tool movie possibly in the works

Jerry, -sleepz, and metronome sent in word of a new Tool article in Billboard where Adam Jones discusses the possibility of a "band movie," so long as the end result doesn't suck.
"We all have ideas about it," Jones says. "If I had my way, it would be a narrative story in a surreal fashion with as much money and special effects we could throw at it. I think some of the other guys would like to do pockets of all of that or something that's live or we're playing. It's just talk right now."

In other words, it sounds like a neat idea, but don't hold your breath. The article also mentions some acrimony over a lawsuit filed by Cam De Leon, who had been commissioned to do some artwork during the Aenima era, and that the band continue to tour throughout September.
Thursday, 6/07/07

Keenan to cover King Crimson

Daniel sent in word that Robert Fripp of King Crimson has recently updated his diary and mentions that Fripp collaborator "Jeff Fayman of Immediate Music has sent the latest mix of [King Crimson track 21st Century] Schizoid Man (with Maynard Keenan on vocals) on MP3. This is a Beast." Perhaps this is something we'll see on the Puscifer release.
Wednesday, 6/06/07

More Puscifer news.

According to a posting at Fourtheye , top40-charts reports that Maynard dropped in at Ardent Studios , while on tour with Tool, to lay down vocals for the upcoming release.

Join the Puscifer mailing list/street team

We got an email from Also letting us know that you can sign up to join the Puscifer street team/mailing list at now, in anticipation of the debut release of Maynard's side project this fall. Even more information can be found at the Puscifer Myspace page.