Tuesday, 7/31/07

Puscifer Mixing

Mixing on the Puscifer album has begun...

Currently mixing the tunes. Things are sounding fantastic. Alan Moulder is a true artist. We're still unsure as to the official release date. That should be decided this week. For sure it will be in October. the Mix Master Joe Baressi, aka Evil Joe, will be mixing a new version of Cuntry Boner as well. He helped us out on some Spanish guitar for a new version of The Undertaker. Sounds foot stompin good. More soon.

thnx maneva
Friday, 7/20/07

20 arrested during New Jersey Tool show.

Blabbermouth is reporting that apparently real crime took the night off in Jersey last night in order for the men in blue to arrest about 20 concert goers during the tool set.
Capt. Al Della Fave, spokesman for the State Police, said that total included arrests for underage drinking and possession of marijuana, but he was not able Thursday to provide a more detailed breakdown of arrests.

The plan to curb underage drinking was put into action in June after 15 concertgoers, 13 of them minors, were brought to Bayshore Community Hospital for alcohol-related illnesses during and after the GWEN STEFANI performance May 18.

Thanks to Rob for the tip and also FouthEye.
Thursday, 7/19/07

MTV.com Puscifer interview

MTV.com has posted an interview with Maynard discussing his band Puscifer.

"I think what we're doing is trying to get a collection of songs together, a thing that we used to call a CD, what we, back in the day, used to refer to as an album," he joked, "with the intention of setting a precedent -'OK, this is what we sound like, this is what I sound like, I'm working with different people' - and then hopefully, I'd like to abandon the album format; just come out with two tracks every three months or every five months.

"Because this is not only a musician collaboration, but a visual- artist collaboration as well, I want to put out limited runs of CD singles, with specific artwork by specific artists, and a full-length CD as a collection, but I'm not married to that idea," he continued. "I'd like to do it one or two songs at a time, so that I still have something up my sleeve for when a decent film comes out, that wants some mood music in it - if I have something that makes sense, great, I'll do it. It will show up there."
Wednesday, 7/18/07

Rolling Stone talks Puscifer with Keenan

gutner sent a link in from today's Rock & Roll Daily at RollingStone.com, where David Fricke describes some tracks he got to preview, and Keenan waxes on about just what Puscifer's about.
Keenan, working on the record on a rare day away from Tool's current world tour, explains that Puscifer "is my attempt to make music to inspire people. Heavy rock is sinking, the industry is dying. This is definitely not thinking man's music" - elliptically referring to Tool’s dense, serpentine metal - "but groove-oriented music that makes you feel good."

There's more at the full article, and Rolling Stone loves when you leave comments.
Tuesday, 7/17/07

Puscifer's Maynard in Revolver Magazine.

Just received the September issue of Revolver where an interview with Puscifer's own Maynard Keenan can be found. Nothing new really if youve been keeping up. According to Maynard, look for an "fall something" release. Keep up to date with Puscifer.com as we may see a lot of the new tracks released there beforehand.

TOOL on the radio

From New York's own K-Rock:
On Wednesday, July 18th, Tool takes over afternoon drive (3-7PM) on K-Rock.

Tool is grabbing control of the airwaves, throwing out the K-Rock playlist, and playing the songs they want to hear. After the show, they will head down the Parkway for a show at the PNC Bank Arts Center.

Live vicariously through Tool and their Hostile Takeover of afternoon drive on Wednesday, July 18th from 3-7PM. Stay tuned for more Hostile Takeovers all summer long on 92.3 K-Rock, The Rock of New York.

For those in the area tune in to 92.3 or the rest of us can listen online here .

thanks to chris for the tip.
Monday, 7/16/07

Justin's Interview with Bass Player mag.

A very informative interview with Justin, for all of you bass players out there, can be found over at BassPlayer.com .
Thanks to cody for the link.
Tuesday, 7/10/07

We're #3! We're #3!

Last week, the site that sometimes has me wonder why I bother with this one - I am speaking of the most excellent Fourth Eye - held a poll on which Tool sites their visitors preferred (other than Fourth Eye, of course). Today, the results are back, and we managed to make the top 3, beating out the pay-only official fanclub, Toolarmy. We even managed to do this without any kind of pollbusting campaign (I know, out of character, but I think that would have been pretty lame on our part)

We were beat out by the official site (surprise!) and TDN/Toolnavy (since 1995 until 2005, the best source for tool news). Enough of the meta-news, and back to our regularly scheduled blathering.
Monday, 7/09/07

Russian Circles to support Tool in UK

The website for the band Russian Circles says they will be in support of Tool during their U.K. trek of the current tour.
Thanks to Adash for the tip.

(for a little insight into this band and how they were chosen to support Tool, you can check out this interview.)

Danny Carey says: Side projects first, then album

According to Danny, dont expect a new album or movie any time soon. In this recent interview with livedaily.com, Danny squashes any hope of a new record in fashionable time,
"We're lucky that we're accepted, that we can take five years in between records, where most bands can't get away from that. It's not like we aren't conscious of it. But we really just don't want to come out and repeat ourselves. I think that's what it takes. You kind of have to grow as people and have time to sort of have a sabbatical and learn something new on your instrument before you can make another record and not repeat yourself. We try to be more conscious about the quality of the product rather than how long it takes to put it out."
And when asked about any movie projects,
"We talked about it for a long time. There's no definite plan yet. We probably won't do one until we do another record, I'm thinking, so it'll be awhile down the line when we pull that off. We're doing really well just doing our albums and doing the live shows, so there's no reason to interrupt that process now. To take on something like a movie would mean probably at least three years in the making, so it'll be a big vacation in the public's eye. I don't think we're ready to go that route yet. Somewhere down the line we may. We'll see how it works out."

Very good interview, thanks to Clark for the tip.