Saturday, 8/18/07

TOOL Blurb.

Tonight, Tool is in Belgium, playing the Pukkelpop Festival along with many bands including Nine Inch Nails. Over at a shot from Tool's set has been posted. Since the pics change constantly you can go here to also view it.
Thursday, 8/16/07

Maynards recovery

Diederick writes in with news that the Gampel Festival show will go on, management confirmed...

Hotline Image

More Puscifer News

Short article on billboard

"Expected to appear on the album are a cover of the Circle Jerks' "World Up My Ass," "Dojo" and "Cuntry Boner."

New blog update on

"Trying to finish up the video, the cd artwork, some vinyl perhaps"

thnx sleepz
Tuesday, 8/14/07

Tool cancels Festival date.

According to a posting at , Tool will not be playing the Frequency Festival in Salzburg, Austria tomorrow. Apparently Maynard has some sort of throat infection. No news as to any other canceled appearances during their festival tour, if any come you will find them here.
Thursday, 8/02/07

Shred School update

As reported by Fourth eye and on the official site ,
"This Saturday, August 4th, marks the inaugural Shred School, and this is your last chance to save if you have not already registered! Go HERE and use promo code: shredfriend to receive $40 off the regular registration price.

Enjoy, all those going, and be sure to send us any interesting tidbits from the outing!

Puscifer release date

Martin, gutner, Adrian and Kevin wrote in to point out that Maynard's posted the release date for the Puscifer debut, "V is for Vagina" as being October 30th. For (not much) more information, check the blog out yourself.