Sunday, 9/30/07

Listen to Queen B, "Can I get a hell yeah?"

Queen B is now streaming for your pleasure.
Thanks to aaron and brokenmandible for the tip.

No OFFICIAL tour dates, yet.

Ive recently posted two tour dates that may or may not be official, just keep that in mind even though if they do become official the onsale dates are within the week. Any more dates that i come across i will also inform you of. Hopefully, we will get the official word soon.
From Blair:

Remember what happened to the two Los Angeles Tool shows that were listed on TicketMaster? They (TicketMaster) had to pull them because... things change. As for the new tour dates, we (myself included) are still waiting for the shows to be confirmed. As of Friday (September 28), in speaking with the band's management, there were still a few details to be worked out before these dates could be confirmed. Once the shows are official, THEY WILL BE POSTED in the news and in the tour section on this site. Therefore, if you've seen some dates listed, these may or may not be accurate, depending on any last minute changes. Again, we hope to have the official dates soon.
Saturday, 9/29/07

Tool in New Orleans?

I was hoping the report of this next tour being a west coast only tour were false and then we get reports of a Houston date, which was stretching it a bit but now 104.1 The Rock of New Orleans is reporting that Tool will make a stop there on Nov. 17th. There is now hope for the rest of us!
Thanks to cory for the tip!

Tool in Houston.

Thanks to Rob Oh! for the submission and Chonson over at ETS for the post, we now have our first date of the upcoming Tool tour:
Date: Friday, November 16, 2007
Time: 8:00 PM
Doors Open: 7:00 PM
Ticket Prices: $44 and $55

(On Sale Friday, October 5 at 10am)

Toyota Center is proud to welcome Tool to Houston on Friday, November 16. With their alternative heavy metal sound, Tool has gained critical acclaim and worldwide success. They have won three Grammy Awards, performed worldwide tours, and produced albums topping the charts in several different countries. Don’t miss your chance to see them live at Toyota Center!

More dates sure to be coming soon!

Audio preview of Puscifer's album online

Over on the Puscifer group at, someone posted a link to Sendspace and Megaupload copies of an MP3 entitled "Vagina Medley," with a number of short clips from the upcoming Puscifer album, V is for Vagina.

In other Puscifer news, the first single from the album, Queen B, has made its way to radio. No doubt a recording will be finding its way to the net soon enough.

More on the Metal Edge Tool Interview.

Fourth Eye has updated with more excerpts from the Metal Edge interview and also a scan of the cover. Well worth a look, also from what ive read so far, worth getting the magazine.
Friday, 9/28/07

Tool in Metal Edge mag. *edited*

Since its the September issue and already on sale, im sure most of you already know that Tool is the feature interview for this months Metal Edge issue, but if youre like me and unaware then i am informing you that Tool is the featured band in this months Metal Edge issue. Apparently its a 7 page interview and the longest in Metal edge history, whatever that means(made a mistake in my posting, this is actually the longest interview in Tool's history, which would actually mean something-Thanks to Bryan for the interview and for clearing up my misquote!). You can find an excerpt from the interview over at our friends, Fourth Eye from whom i got this tip.
Thursday, 9/27/07

We got Myspace plus Tom Morello.

For those of you who hang out over there at you can check out our new and improved, well just actually new page. Also, for those of you who were there or remember Tool's appearance at the Bonnaroo fest earlier this year you will recall they had a special guest, Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave fame. It really sucks that this didnt happen at every show as its pretty damn awesome(forgive me using the word awesome).
Tuesday, 9/25/07

Puscifer album pre-order is now taking pre-orders for V is for Vagina, currently listing the price at $16.99, which is sure to drop as we get closer to the October 30 release date (not 29 as we had recently posted, whoops. thanks cory) There's not much there at the moment, but you can see the pre-order page here.
Monday, 9/24/07


Well, i was wrong, according to ToolBand

Although no dates are officially confirmed at this point, it appears that TOOL will be touring the WEST COAST of the USA from mid-NOVEMBER until X-MAS. As soon as these shows are confirmed, I will post the dates and venues on the websites.

Hopefully, this wont be a west coast only affair.

Cuntry Boner cd single

The Cuntry Boner cd single is now available for pre-sale on the Puscifer site with bonus track. $6.66

Hotline Image
Sunday, 9/23/07

Puscifer press release

We're a couple days late on this, but I didn't really see it anywhere else, so here we go. Thanks to naut for posting it on ETS.

Yet another appendage sprouting out of the anomaly known as Maynard James Keenan:

"Enigmatic is a misnomer. Most likely a byproduct of my absence in the press. An assumption arrived at due to the lack of available information, accurate or otherwise. I don't do that many interviews. Generally because of my private life and my classified activities, but mostly because I'm not very good at them. The conversation in my head never matches the conversation that ends up in print." So says the conductor and driving force behind Puscifer, the current project of vocalist Maynard James Keenan.

"I guess maybe it's time to come clean on a few things. As you most likely suspected, I'm an undercover C.I.A. operative. Hence the tendency towards the secretive behavior. I've been an agent since I was 11 years old. I was recruited at a county fair at the age of 8. Multiple blue ribbons in the disciplines of knots, archery, and animal husbandry may have been the carrot that lured in the agency, but I can't be certain. Suffice it to say that not unlike Elvis, I answered when my nation called. Willingly. Of course, all that I've said and all I'm about to disclose is highly classified and not to be repeated. Pinky promise?"

Secrets and the voices in Maynard's head are clearly the fuel that move this new project. Those and perhaps a slightly loose grip on what most of us would consider reality. "Hey! I heard that!" mumbles one of his many voices.

For the moment, let's ignore the voices and focus on the so-called facts.

Puscifer is Maynard's multifaceted, multimedia, multi-artist, multi-personality project. It involves film, music, digital video, garments, feminine hygiene products, coffee, pet supplies, websites, blogs, artist collaborations, a few office supplies, and a grip on the idea that chaos is good and that change is inevitable. Just a few of the artists who have passed through these confusing gates: Mat Mitchell, Tim Alexander, Lei Li, Jonny Polonsky, Cherie Roberts, Ainjel Emme, Brandon Bryant, Danny Lohner, Josh Eustis, Gil and Rani Sharone, Lustmord, Laura Milligan, Meats Meier, Evil Joe Barresi, Trey Gunn, Milla Jovovich, Lisa Germano, Tim Cadiente, Ford Englerth, Jeffrey Brooks, Micah, Alan Moulder, Eddie McClintock, Joe Nagy, Nipples Creelman, Devo. The list goes on.

"Actually, none of these people really exist. Each is a deep cover alias. That none of them bare any resemblance whatsoever to the real me is a testament to my hard work, keen focus, and attention to detail. A few I've been developing for decades." Truth or Tragedy? The verdict is still out.

Many of these collaborative efforts will see the light of day in the Spring of 2007. The release date for the full collection of songs titled V is for Vagina is Oct. 29th, and the scheduled unveiling of several new pieces and garments, available only at, is Sept. 27, the birthday of Maynard's Yorkie and sidekick, Miho (also rumored to be an alias.)

So why this new project? Dare we ask? "I'm on a mission. I've been assigned to be the guardian of a highly classified, highly effective Sonic Weapon of Mass Disruption. This sonic technology when ‘unleashed,' if you will, causes parts of the anatomy to vibrate uncontrollably. Not unlike when someone yawns, everyone in the surrounding area will be affected. If executed properly, the subjects will be temporarily distracted from their duties. Their bodies will appear to be abducted by the Soul Train, as if J-Lo were auditioning for the ‘Thriller' video. Awe inspiring. Don't speak a word of it."

Puscifer's debut album, "V is For Vagina", Oct. 29th
Saturday, 9/22/07

Back to the Wine.

With the current tour over for Tool, Maynard has headed back to his vineyards to get the harvest ready. He has updated his journal with a little insight into the wine making going on. He also stated that he is "finally off the road for awhile". So, with the tour for 10,000 more than likely being over, here is a live clip for the song that we first heard off the album 'Vicarious', i really like this version which comes from the June 1st show in Florida, as shot by BootlegEddie. Thanks to the guys at Fourth Eye for the tip on the journal entry.
Wednesday, 9/19/07

Hooker with a penis, Live.

Once again i have another clip from back in the nineties(i know i shouldnt live in the past but the band kicked such fucking ass back then!) that im going to post. This time its from 1997, and if you can get past the sometimes shitty camera work and the fuckhead with the cig right in the way of the camera then you wont be disappointed as this is a pretty decent live version of 'hooker with a penis'. Plus, when you got a gimp and maynard with tits, how can you go wrong?
Sunday, 9/16/07

Tool, Live in Bologna.

We're only showing you a short clip this time, coming from the Independent Days festival in Bologna, Italy from earlier this month. You know, one of those festivals co-headlined with that other band. This is during the usual percussion's jam towards the end of Lateralus, but this time Maynard joins the group to add his take on one of the highlights of night.
Clips like this just remind me of why I love this band so much!
Saturday, 9/15/07

Fanmade video for Eulogy.

Tool's music seems to inspire a lot of fans out there to pick up a camera and shoot a video. While searching for clips to post on the Hotline, I come across many fan-made videos on YouTube. I know that most of you have seen the ones done for songs on '10,000 days' so I hesitate to post any of those on here. That being said, I did stumble across this video for Eulogy and I really liked it. Without further adieu, here is a video for Eulogy by jordanromaker.
Thursday, 9/13/07

We got Puscifer artwork!

V is for Vagina
thanks to Martin.

Reverend Maynard's visit to Las Vegas.

Those of us who had the privilege of seeing Tool perform back in the 90's remember that you went to the concert not knowing what to expect with the band and their antics on stage, mainly Maynard(not that anything is wrong with how Tool performs today, we all know that they want the music to get the main stage nowadays). But, anyway i came across this video of Tool performing Sweat in Las Vegas back in 98.
Wednesday, 9/12/07

Helping from Heaven charity auction.

Toolband has updated with info on a charity auction with all proceeds going to help children with disabilities. All four members of Tool have signed and donated two hockey jerseys for you to bid on, for more info you can go to Helping from Heaven .
Tuesday, 9/11/07

Swamp Song live

With Tool currently touring abroad there hasn't been much news to post as of late. So, we decided that in order to keep the site from running dead news for weeks at a time, to start putting up a variety of Tool related vids, live clips, fanmade videos and anything else we come across that you may enjoy.
Since Swamp Song is my favorite Tool song and was the highlight of my tour experience this year, i found this clip from, apparently, the show in Paris of last year. The quality is excellent and comes along with a nice little exchange between Maynard and Danny towards the end.
Monday, 9/10/07

Josh Freese presents Puscifer

Cruz sent in a link to the latest YouTube masterpiece by the multi-talented skin-beater, Josh Freese. Josh says, "MJK was diggin' my youtube stylez so I put something together to promote his record coming out in October." Be sure to check out his other videos, so you can be one of those people who says, "Oh, I used to watch his shit on YouTube before other people thought it was cool." Anyway, enough of that, on with the video! It's kind of amazing.

Tuesday, 9/04/07

Maynard Interview

Our buddies over at Fourth eye are reporting that a short interview with Maynard can be found over at NRK Nett-tv .