Friday, 5/23/08

The Melvins

Some interesting updates found on The Melvins MySpace page:

The Melvins will be celebrating 24 years in the business this year and have absolutely NOTHING planned for it, maybe next year when they turn 25? However, along with their new album, Nude With Boots, they do have a shit load of things happening THIS year that include: 1. A lot of touring 2. The vinyl releases of (A) Senile Animal, which will be in a super deluxe quadruple gate fold sleeve with four etched, one-sided 12 inch records 3. Two more 12 inchers with double surprises 4. A secret 7 inch (so secret that not even the band is aware of it) 5. More fun with Haze XXL 6. A split 7 inch with Rancid Vat 7. The Fantomas Melvins Big Band DVD. 8. A huge limited edition Ipecac box set of everything the Melvins have done with the label as well as stuff you haven't heard at all **Plus other stuff we forgot all about or don't know about or something It's a big world out there and nothing is ever as hopeless as it seems.

Thanks Ben
Thursday, 5/15/08

TOOL tour?

FourthEye has posted two rumored cities in which TOOL may be touring, Dallas and Dayton. ive searched radio stations and venues from these areas and cant find any info to verify this so it is still just a rumor. Even though the last tour started out the same way. Be sure that any more info will be posted here.
Tuesday, 5/13/08

The Patient - Live 2002

Tuesday, 5/06/08

The Tool issue of Revolver out today.

From ToolBand:

REVOLVER MAGAZINE's "THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO HARD ROCK'S MOST EXTRAORDINARY BAND" is officially out on newsstands today (MAY 6th, 2008 e.v.). The collector's edition features exclusive new interviews with ALL of the band members, lots of great photos (CAMELLA GRACE, TRAVIS SHINN, etc), rarely seen video concept sketches, artifacts, and album/packaging art work ideas by ADAM JONES, an interview with ALEX GREY, behind the scenes video info from KEVIN WILLIS and CHET ZAR, Q & A with Tool lighting wizard MARK 'JUNIOR' JACOBSON, a micro interview with the band's "content manager/occult advisor", 'praises' by TOMAS HAAKE, MIKE PATTON, and last, but certainly not least, BUZZ OSBORNE, and lots more. There's even a VIC FIRTH ad that features Danny's orange metallic Lamborghini Murcielago! So grab one while you can, or visit to order on-line. Hell, I'm going to walk to the newsstand right now... I told you that I'd be purchasing a magazine entirely dedicated to Tool!

Thanks Blair.