Thursday, 7/24/08

Guitar Hero 4 update *updated* **8/1 has put up the "official" leaked tracklisting for the upcoming Guitar hero which includes the following TOOL tracks:
With the next version of gh including a drumset, i couldnt be more excited about this info(givin the fact there is a Floyd track also!)
Thanks to sleepz for the info!

*not a confirmed setlist, according to a recent posting on Fourtheye its a fake. You can still bank on there being a Tool set though.

**i received a tip from someone who asked to remain anonymous stating an inside source on the tracklisting and that the three songs are Vicarious, Schism and Parabola. this is not confirmed nor official but just in case, there you go.
Tuesday, 7/15/08

Tool on Guitar Hero 4?

FourthEye reported that Adam's brother Alan(Tool's legal counsel) blogged the following, " After getting all of my work done and closing a deal for Tool (GH4) ". Now, it seems, he posted too much as that has currently been removed from his blog. Doing a search on the matter has brought up many rumors regarding Tool being in the next GH and i, for one, hope them to be true.