Monday, 5/23/11

More APC tour dates.

Im sure most of you got this email as well but for those that didnt A Perfect Circle have added three more tour dates

Aug 1 Salt Lake City, UT Kingsbury Hall, Aug 8 Cincinnati, OH PNC Pavilion, Aug 10 Wallingford,CT Oakdale Theatre

Hope everyone gets a chance to see them this tour.
Friday, 5/13/11

An interview with Billy Howerdel

Gotham recently interviewed Billy Howerdel and the topics ranged from A Perfect Circle to covering Queen with Maynard.
On new apc during the tour
So will we hear new APC music on the tour? “We are gonna hear at least a song, I would say,” Billy tells me. “One of them is very, very close to being done. And from there, things could come together once we get on the road and start hashing through some of the other ideas and they could quickly become a song and find their way onto the live stage.”

and for those Ashes Divide fans
And fortunately for ASHES diVIDE fans, he’s not neglecting that band either. “I’m writing for both bands. I’m just writing new music. I just kind of tag it under Billy Howerdel, you know, and where it falls is where it falls,” he explains. “I’ve got a bunch of new ideas that I usually don’t let come fully together until the end. I try to leave it loose while I’m writing it. Maynard showed interest in a couple, so I started firming them up.”